Strategic partnership with COJAM to develop a prediction platform on Mint Club

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We’re excited to announce that HUNT (running the Mint Club project) has made a strategic partnership with COJAM, a well-known prediction market platform on top of Klaytn blockchain.

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COJAM ( is a blockchain based online social prediction platform in which the user creating the content and the user solving the content interact and the smart contract recorded in the blockchain network pays rewards according to the prediction result of the collective intelligence.

The purpose of this partnership is to establish a collaboration between HUNT and COJAM platforms to build a prediction market platform using the Mint Club protocol. This collaboration will cover the following tasks/agenda:

COJAM creates a web interface that provides a reward-type prediction market platform based on the Binance Smart Chain via Mint Club protocol.

HUNT provides the technical support for COJAM to access the Binance Smart Chain and Mint Club protocol such as API reference docs, libraries, or wallet implementations.

Mint Club ecosystem formation


In Mint Club, we’re building a place where anyone with an idea can create a token economy effortlessly. Also, it is an open protocol, so any project/team can easily build 3rd-party front-end applications interacting with the Mint Club contracts and interfaces.

One of our main aims at the moment is to expand the DApp ecosystem built on top of Binance Smart Chain and Mint Club protocol so that we can prosper with more smart tokens built with the MINT collateral vehicle.

Mint Club web app | Docs | Telegram | Twitter


It's exciting to see how hard the team is working to get to the moon. Way to go team hunt!

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