[Official launch] The first-ever no-code/no-LP-required token building platform on the Binance Smart Chain

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From the very first day, we have been focused on how to make the DApp simple and easy to use for people without any technical background. We believe that the complexity of decentralisation has been the biggest barrier of mass-adoption.

Complexity makes it easier for the privileged groups to control most of the token economy. We have been looking for a platform that can ease out all the barriers for tokenization and realise the true open token economy.

Today, we’re proud to announce our plan to expand the world of tokenization and make it accessible to all by launching Mint Club.

Meet Mint Club - a no-code smart token building platform on the Binance Smart Chain


Mint Club is a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks. Mint Club minimizes the complexity of tokenization via the following mechanisms.

Mint Club platform - https://mint.club/

1. No code BEP20 token creation


Mint Club empowers anyone to build a Smart contract-backed token with just a few simple clicks and no need to code. You set the token name, symbol, max minting supply, and descriptions. The other complicated parts will be automatically done by the protocol.

2. Instantly tradeable - no need to set any liquidity pools


The algorithmic price curve enables tokens to be purchased or liquidated (sold) at any time, directly through the smart contract. All smart tokens have a collateral contract where the value of the token is backed by MINT token.

3. Seamless UX for anyone


Mint Club provides one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the decentralised environment. Each smart token has its swap page with excellent token descriptions, and it has a one-click shareable link (i.e. mint.club/TokenSymbol). Also, they are built on Binance Smart Chain, which has x35 cheaper gas fees. Plus, we designed the most straightforward possible scripts on our smart contracts to streamline the cost structure.

MINT Token Utility for Smart Tokens

MINT token works as a key currency to fuel smart tokens on Mint.club via the bonding curve-backed smart contracts.

Smart tokens are BEP20 tokens created via the Mint Club protocol. Unlike other tokens, smart tokens are natively liquid, powered by MINT collateral smart contract, so anyone can trade the tokens without any trading pairs of liquidity pools.


Read more about smart token bonding curve mechanism.

Refer a friend, take 100% trading commissions

Invite friends via your referral link. 100% of their trading fees (1.3% of sell amount and 0.3% of buy amount) will be sent to your connected BSC wallet each time they trade (this transaction is automatically included by the contract whenever the referee makes a swap). This is a lifetime bonus.


How it works:

  1. Someone visits Mint.club via your referral link and connects his/her wallet.
  2. The person buys/sells tokens on Mint.club.
  3. Whenever the trading transaction has been made, all of his/her trading fees (in MINT tokens) will automatically go to your connected wallet.

Relation to the HUNT token

Mint Club is one of the DApps on the HUNT Platform, so MINT token was ONLY minted by swapping HUNT token during the pre-sign up period. Also, the trading fees accumulating in the default beneficiary wallet (the trading fees taken for people who didn’t use a referral code) will all go to the quarterly HUNT burning. In other words, more trading on Mint Club will increase the burning HUNT tokens.

How to buy MINT

MINT is a non-inflationary BEP20 based token on the Binance Smart Chain used for collateral assets in Mint Club. You can buy MINT via the PancakeSwap MINT/BNB pair. Currently, the team is providing about $330,000 worth liquidity, and we will gradually increase the amount as necessary.

MINT total supply

MINT token is a non-inflationary token, which means that there will be no further minting once the initial supply has been set. Total MINT supply is 1,149,363,840,000 MINT and this supply was determined by the following categories during the pre-sign up period:

1. HUNT → MINT SwapHUNT holders swapped their tokens to MINT tokens, and this became the base supply.718,352,400,000 MINT
2. Community airdropA fund equal to 10% of the base supply was additionally allocated for the community.71,835,240,000 MINT
** 3. Initial LP and business development fund**The team also matched 50% of the base supply by swapping their HUNT to MINT tokens.359,176,200,000 MINT
Total1,149,363,840,000 MINT

Among the total MINT supply, only 6.25% of tokens have a zero acquisition cost (these are the tokens allocated through the community airdrop). 93.75% of the MINT tokens were swapped from HUNT tokens at their market price during the pre-sign up period. This unique way of launching a new token is to build up the Fair Launch spirit.

Non-upgradable smart contract and non-mintable MINT tokens

Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 12.05.44 a.m..png

Token ownership has been renounced (https://bscscan.com/tx/0xffb247d2f641df808a8dd98c952e293cde83e7a3155e9def135345ee520b4bc0), so no-one, not even the team, can create more MINT tokens. This means there is less risk for the token holders and protocol users.

Check more details here - https://mudra.website/

AMA session with prizes


Also, we’re going to run an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for Mint Club on our Telegram channel as below:

AMA segments:

  • Part 1 (10 mins) - Introduction and general questions and answers - comments will be closed and only the operator and the team will discuss the general topics.

  • Part 2 (20 mins) - Live Q&A. Ask any question related to the Mint Club platform. Please understand that not all questions can be answered if there are too many questions. Invalid or abusive questions will be ignored. The 5 best questions will be chosen by the team and rewarded 5,000,000 MINT each.

For more details - https://steemit.com/mintclub/@steemhunt/mint-club-official-launch-and-ama-schedule

Mint Club web app | Docs | Telegram | Twitter


it's absolutely brilliant! well done guys. i am using! :)

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