Mint Club Grant Reward Program is Launched!

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We believe in the power of community-led growth and we believe that there are many talented members in our community. It's our mission to discover the talented people by including them in the activities (such as marketing and development) that drive the growth of the Mint Club protocol and its ecosystem.

So, we’re proud to announce that the Mint Club Grant Reward Program is initiated from today.

Grant Reward Program (GRP) and GRANT token


The team will create a Grant Reward Program (GRP) fund by buying $100 worth of GRANT tokens on a daily basis.

👉 GRANT token:

The fund will be used to reward the contributors who have worked on the following categories:

  1. Marketing activities
  2. Development of 3rd party tools or front-end interface using Mint Club protocol
  3. Creating local communities
  4. Other activities that can drive the growth

How to earn GRANT tokens

Contributors can submit a result report via the Snapshot page ( and must include the following content:

  1. Detailed activities that the contributors have performed
  2. Any supportive materials that prove their activities
  3. BSC wallet address for the GRANT reward

You’re required to hold at least 100 GRANT tokens to submit a report.

GRANT holders can participate in this program as below:

  1. Help the team decide who to donate to by voting for reports
  2. Donate directly to the contributor via the BSC wallet address in a the proposal


  1. The team can halt the daily purchase of GRANT for the fund creation at any time due to operational issues.
  2. The team can veto the donation regardless of the vote result when the result report doesn’t meet the internal criteria.

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