Welcome letter to all new Steemians v1

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First I want to congratulate all new members of this great community! You people made a great decision! If you stick with Steemit and Steem you will discover a world of great good. Let me point out some things that you will benefit from if you stick with this great community for the long run:

  • meet a bunch of great people
  • learn about stuff that you probably didn't hear of
  • learn how to make good posts with value in them
  • discover groups of people that are doing wonderful jobs in their fields of interest

Let me give you a rundown of what I have learned so far about this great community.

Basic terms


Steem is the blockchain upon witch this whole community is built. It also one of two coins that are right now used on the chain. It can be traded like any other cryptocurrency or used to power up your Steemit vote.


SBD or Steem Backed Dollar is constructed as primary currency on the Steem blockchain. It can be used to pay for goods and services inside and outside of the Steem blockchain. It can be also traded like any other cryptocurrency.


SP or Steem Power is yours Steem coins powering up your Steemit account. The more SP you have the more value your upvote have. SP can be powered down back to Steem but in 13 equal weakly installments. This is so to prevent big fluctuations in net worth of the whole blockchain. For starters, you will be delegated some SP to help you get off the ground.


Social media site built on top of Steem blockchain. But there is a twist to it. ON all other social media sites when you post something, depending on the quality of your post, you get more or less likes. Here you get upvotes, but upvotes, beside tap on the back, give you also some financial rewards.


Denizen of Steemit and Steem blockchain.


This is straightforward as it can be. Post on Steemit is as a post on every other social media site with the before mentioned financial twist.


This is your standard like but when you upvote some post author gets reward and upvoter also. Usually, rewards are split between author and upvoter 75% - 25%. Size of reward depends on the SP that upvoters have. The more SP the bigger reward.


Your standard share or retweet. Nothing more to it.


That is clear on it own.




The more you post and the more you interact with community higher your reputation score will be. The higher reputation you have the chances that people will upvote your posts are greater.


Way to influence a Steemian that is not adhering to the rules of the community. When you flag somebody, depending on your SP, you are taking down their reputation score.

Few bits of advice about posting on Steemit

Be original

Do not copy paste. Plagiarism is heavily punished on Steemit. You don't want to be caught doing that it will get you flagged and then your reputation score will go to oblivion.

Find your niche

Write about stuff you like and/or you are knowledgeable about. It will make writing much easier. When you see that specific topic is getting traction stick to it, and if something is not picking up it is not worth beating a dead cat over it.

Credit your sources

If you are using materials like photos or anything else that is not your own be sure that you have right to use it and to credit your source properly.

Take 50%/50% reward on your posts

For me, this is important because it will give you some SBD witch you then can use to upvote your posts with good voting bots.

Use good voting bots

DO NOT use biding bots. They will not give you yours money worth back. Instead, use good voting bots like @earthnation, @bumper, @candyboy or similar that are giving back at least 250% back.

Engage with your community

Reply to and upvote comments on your posts. Show appreciation to your audience it will pay back in the long run.

Final thoughts

I hope that all of you will enjoy yourself on Steemit and prosper with it. I will try to make a weakly update on this post with new finds and thoughts on Steem and Steemit.

If you like this post consider upvoting and resteeming it and maybe follow me. Let's have fun together.


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