MSP6k by 12/31/17? Challenge accepted!

The gauntlet has been thrown down. The challenge is on. It's time to grow. We're taking aim and calling the shot. 6,000 minnows by 12/31/17!

After taking a few weeks to sort things out internally we've delivered rules, community standards, and governance documents to clarify and expand how the Minnow Support Project will operate. Now that those are in place it's time to set some expectations and plan how we move forward.


The first goal is to grow our community. There are over 400k accounts now on steemit. 4,700 people per month actively choose to spend some time in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord channel available here:

Our charter is to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, help Steemit grow, and train and retain minnows on the platform. Hard to impact the minnows that aren't here, so it's time again we reach out and bring folks in. Call it fishing...

Anyway, here's the challenge. We want to grow to 6,000 by December 31. It's gonna take some contests, sbd, delegation, word of mouth, and radio time to get there, but that's challenge. As of this very second we're at 4700 active members. So, call yo' wife, call yo' kids: we're recruiting. It's a big family and a big tribe.

If you're feeling like a lonely fish in a giant empty ocean we're here to help.

Goal 2

This one is more of a head's up, a foreshadowing for the literary folks, of what's to come. We have created committees and it's part of our governance documents. We want to involve more people in the day to day operations of the Minnow Support Project. Each service or function will have a committee and each of those will be comprised of folks from the PALnet Discord. If you're looking for more detailed information check out this post:

If you'd like to work with one of these committees start contacting the moderator or community leader listed.

MSP Operations

PALnet Oversight: @crimsonclad, @juliakponsford @sammosk
Community Curation Leaders: @isaria, @juliakponsford @sammosk
Finance Leaders: @followbtcnews ,@swelker101
Human Resources: @sammosk, @kubbyelizabeth
Product Department: @followbtcnews, @crimsonclad, @sammosk
IT Leaders: @ausbitbank, @sammosk, @r0nd0n
Development Leaders: @aggroed, @kubbyelizabeth, @sammosk

MSP Services

MAM Organizers: @sammosk, @juliakponsford
Health Leaders: @travelnurse, @swelker101 - physical
Community Development Leaders: @aggroed, @swelker101, @sammosk
Sheriffs: @discordiant
Writing Assistance Leaders: @sammosk
MSPwaves Station Leaders: @r0nd0n @globocop
Peace Academy Leaders: @aggroed, @isaria, @sammosk
MSP Library Leaders: @aggroed, @sammosk

We're looking forward to growing with you!


Well in my case since then I can considered myself a lonely fish exploring the wide ocean, but now I am trying to build my own community in my own place where I live, by recuiting some of my friends, relatives and family to join this platform "Steemit". And thats include introducing the PALnet discord channel.

But the sad thing is they're all got demotivated for the small earning they've got. And I trying to lift and cheer them up. :/

I feel you here i this one bro.It has always been a lot of efforts from me to actually go out there and get good stories with pictures but often end up with grated peanuts. I seriously consider giving up after trying to promote a diversity on this platform by posting in both Eng and Thai which obviously double the work and nothing change!

I think most people aren't earning very much right now on steemit, sometimes only pennies per post. You just have to decide if it's worth your time to keep putting content on your page for small rewards. They do add up over time.

I don't quite get the idea of people who get big upvotes all the time while posting nothing but sharing a link of tracks they like on YouTube that posted by someone else and still earning 100+ from that. While some post are so well written but my steem power is too small to make a difference on that one which I find very frustrated.

I understand what you're saying. I don't know why some posts get lots of big votes and some really good posts struggle to get to 50 cents.
It took me almost 5 months of posting almost every day, and a couple of lucky whale votes to get to where I am now, and my full vote is still only worth 8 cents. I keep doing posts because every little bit of votes that I get adds a little bit to my steem power. Some people buy lots of steem to start with to give them more steem power, but I can't do that, so I just keep writing posts.

Thanks for your consolation and answering to my whining comments here. lol!! it means a lot!

Same feelings!

I am very interested in what @minnowsupport is about and what activities will be held! I have joined the discord channel and will actively participate!

Good times!

What exactly do you mean by "train minnows"? Train them to do what?

Rock-N-roll...Let's do this ! 6K by Dec, 31 2017

What a great community this is. 6k would be fantastic by the end of the year.

Great target. I have some minnows to bring. Good luck guys. @greatness96

Wow. Very great. Thank for sharing @minnowsupport

Amazing. We certainly have corresponding values especially where our desires to promote the growth and abundance of the Steemit community by any means necessary.
I've wanted to do something of this nature for quite some time, now that I have the time I need to be far more proactive on Steemit than I've been able to.
Thanks and praise

How do I join this discord on my phone. I downloaded a discord app but still don't understand how this discord works. Hope to join up.

Good Luck Guys! You'll ace it!

Great news. I'll be sure to set an account at Discord ASAP.

6k is easy, I have already referred a user to MSP 😃

@minnowsupport, the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord link is not working and has expire or invalid. What should I do?

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Wow .... I am go in. Thanks

hello sir,
please guide me how to get vote and pal or i had sent 0.001 to minnowsupport but i can fine my money back and i dont understand how to register in discord please feel free to guide me ..

Ooo that's cool
Here is my entry

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