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RE: MSP6k by 12/31/17? Challenge accepted!

Well in my case since then I can considered myself a lonely fish exploring the wide ocean, but now I am trying to build my own community in my own place where I live, by recuiting some of my friends, relatives and family to join this platform "Steemit". And thats include introducing the PALnet discord channel.

But the sad thing is they're all got demotivated for the small earning they've got. And I trying to lift and cheer them up. :/


I feel you here i this one bro.It has always been a lot of efforts from me to actually go out there and get good stories with pictures but often end up with grated peanuts. I seriously consider giving up after trying to promote a diversity on this platform by posting in both Eng and Thai which obviously double the work and nothing change!

I think most people aren't earning very much right now on steemit, sometimes only pennies per post. You just have to decide if it's worth your time to keep putting content on your page for small rewards. They do add up over time.

I don't quite get the idea of people who get big upvotes all the time while posting nothing but sharing a link of tracks they like on YouTube that posted by someone else and still earning 100+ from that. While some post are so well written but my steem power is too small to make a difference on that one which I find very frustrated.

I understand what you're saying. I don't know why some posts get lots of big votes and some really good posts struggle to get to 50 cents.
It took me almost 5 months of posting almost every day, and a couple of lucky whale votes to get to where I am now, and my full vote is still only worth 8 cents. I keep doing posts because every little bit of votes that I get adds a little bit to my steem power. Some people buy lots of steem to start with to give them more steem power, but I can't do that, so I just keep writing posts.

Thanks for your consolation and answering to my whining comments here. lol!! it means a lot!

Same feelings!