Minnow Support Project Recruitment Goals!


Minnow Support Project Recruitment Goals!

The Human Resources Department is ready! Remember when we announced MSP6k by 12/31/17? Challenge accepted!

Why form the Human Resources Department?

  • The HR department serves to write posts, to share others' posts, and to create contests and bounties. All intending to help with recruitment to Steemit (and MSP in particular), as well as to improve communication and public relations.

What is the game plan and where will you go searching?

  • The plan is to bring in new users to the Minnow Support Project that are currently on steemit.

How will we do this?

  • We will swim the steemit ocean searching high and low for active bloggers that are not currently part of the Minnow Support Project!

Describe the Game Plan to reach MSP6k by 12/31/17?

We need recruiters, and we need them to be willing to do the following:

  • First, place a link at the button of your posts inviting members to join. We want your friends to join!

For Example:

MSPPAL logo.gif



  • Second, recruiters will write or resteem a post about joining MSP.

  • Third, each recruiter will invite ten new members to MSP a day or a week by commenting with invite link.

The group will eventually create posts about various topics:

  • Contests/Bounties, Recruitment, Public Relations. Posts will also focus on onboarding new Steemians to MSP from outside the platform or the rest of Steemit.

HR Leaders:

MSP kubbyelizabeth .jpeg

Contact @kubbyelizabeth if you would like to help!

To be considered a Recruiter:

  • Must be an MSP member
  • Must be a themed writer such as science, art, fiction, music etc.
  • A true following of 500-600. See example below:


  • Exceptions to the rule above depends entirely on community involvement and is up to HR leadership.

Required Recruiter Duties

  • Add a line or statement at the end of a post about joining MSP. It is up to you which post to include the link in.

Optional Recruiter Duties

  • Resteem a post about recruitment, which one and how often is up to you too.
  • Create a post inviting the steemit writers to join msp. Recruiters have creative freedom with content, but it must be pre-approved by leadership before posting.



If you're a minnow become a PAL click the link below to join!


Keep in mind all are welcome as long as they follow our MSP Rules & Guidelines.
Want to learn about our other communites and how you can get involved, check out the Minnow Support Project Updated Governance, Bylaws, and Charter .

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the post is quite interesting, @minnowsupport amazing, your post makes me know more, greetings know@samsuel

Any rewards for being a recruiter?


None at the moment, but I do curate most if not all my recruiters post. Most of them give without asking to receive.

These guys are great! Don't hesitate to join this community. So friendly and informative. They really help you out. (Been on Steemit for 4 Days)

Ok, @minnowsupport, you just hooked me. I WILL get my 500 followers soon, and i WILL apply. This is something that feels just right for me, and i am sure i can help.



Look forward to having you on the team. Message me on discord and let’s chat some more about it :)


Sure! i'll hit there later today. Thanks!

That is one BEAUTIFUL pink whale minnow. Am I right?!

Of course, your post always go a long way in changing my thought for good.. Really a good support enhancing and powering the minnows. Good project.

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thats a intersting and great info for us thanks @minnowsupport

Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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Very nice indeed, will do.