Minnow Support Project Crosses 1500 Unique People!!! The account is at 123k SP!

There's been a ton of growth in the Discord channel. We've been active for 10 days and we've broken the 1500 person mark. Along with that members have started delegating their own SP to the @minnowsupport account. The account now controls123K SP. We're working on growing it further!

Users made 1,063 votes today. Each vote is adding around 70 cents. So, we're helping a ton of people grow. You can make 2 votes a day. So, you can get paid over $500 a year just to hang out in here, make some votes, make some friends, and catch resteems. If you haven't yet please come check it out.


See you in there!

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Hi there.

After following the MS curation trail, I noticed a rapid depletion of my vote power.

Seems like a waste to spend $400 on downvotes, rather than helping minnows.

I'm hoping to understand the situation better, thanks.


how can i be part of the minnow project?

The minnowsupport project is a laudable one. However, I'm yet to receive support from @minnowsupport even after adding it to steemvoter . Maybe there are other conditions which I haven't fulfilled.


What you need to do is go to Discord, then go to #upvote-resteem channel, then type in $upvote and copy-paste the link to your post. The post needs to be older than 20 minutes. You have a cooldown of 12 hours. Have fun!


@lifewithcrypto Aha I see! So that is what I've not been doing. The post need to be older than 20 minutes and I have a cool down for 12 hrs. Sorry, just to be on the same page cool down of 12 hours means that the post should not be older than 12 hours right? Thanks.


The cooldown period is there because you have already upvoted within a given time allowance.


Ah the waiting 20 minutes bit is the bit I missed too.

Minnows no longer minnows? Wish I had more time to write on a particular topic. This way I am going to stay minnow for another year, lol. Glad that the others are having a great time here on Steemit. It's the best social media network online and it just keeps getting better. @minnowsupport

This is wonderful project and its really helpful. I joined yesterday and they doing very well by supporting my post. Its good thing that you are helping people and specially new users because its really hard for new people. Process of joining is also very fast and their response also fast so if you want to try then you can. For me its really profitable and i suggest you all to try it.

Sounds interesting, but the link doesn't send anyone to any information as your post states, but rather to a link to download an app that states it's for gamer's (once you follow the link to another link). Therefore, I am guessing the app isn't for everyone, but for those that like playing online games (?).

PS Kudos to the graphic artist, great job with the above graphic.


Discord was originally for gamers, yet has picked up a variety of topics and servers to choose from (not just games). I've been there for almost 2 months now, joined to research and participate in the Ohm Wallet Chat Server.
It is similar to an IRC Chat Service.
As well, it is accessible on a desktop through a browser with no need to download the app (if one has access to a PC or laptop).
To be honest though, between chasing notifications on steemit and discord and facebook and SVV (ARG) and emails and..... I'm beginning to think I may never be able to go outside to play ever again!
Screenshot at 2017-06-30 17-40-19.png

Wow, we have created a monster whale! I really like the graphic it depicts exactly what happened! That's some serious steem power. Congratulations!

Wow!! I didn't realise you had only been going 10 days!!! It has helped me loads and when I grow up, I will be giving back for sure :)

Very cool. Very cool indeed.

Awesome, I will be joining for sure

Joining is a sure thing

Welcome, everyone that is new to MSP! It's an awesome group, if you hop in discord and have any questions feel free to reach out to me! Happy to help anyone trying to figure out how this project works!

This is great! I've been looking for something like this and will be sure to check it out and join! Thanks for sharing this information and for supporting newbies :)

Having this support group has been very influential in my not getting frustrated and walking away before the magic happens. Thank you!!!

Go Minnow Support Go!

Just delegated some power over to help spread the love! It was super easy.

I've connected thanks.

Thanks for the help so far! Resteemed and upvoted. I joined support & love the people!

Nice. Will be checking this out. Thanks

Thank you for help!

It really is an awesome service, keep up with this great aid.

Great news, I joined 4 days ago.

I met the rowdy crowd in the chats, all 1500 of them.

Yesterday i registed with minnowsupport and its discord community is hella good.....i love to talk and voice chat with....them
Wish u that u will join minnowsupport project succesfully and get much sdb's.👆👆👆upvote👇👇👇👇

Sweet! I hope you continue to grow at a faster and faster pace!

Not that I'm complaining, just registered and tried the $upvote and the upvotes for both posts were only 2 cents. Is this maybe because voting power dilution? Also how does one get the resteem?


resteem is manual by other members. You probably only registeredwith banjo and not minnowsupport.


Tnx, I sent the steem to both is there anything else needs to b done to register with minsupport?

Hi you all!

I'm happy that I stumbled upon this post.
Eventhough I joined Steemit only a couple of days ago and I'm not someone who gives up easily - I'm a microbudget filmmaker and pretty used to disappointments and struggles - I started to get a little discouraged.

I feel I'm a decent writer but besides a dozen or so upvotes on my introduction post, there has hardly been any response to my following posts.
To be honest, I don't want to be one of those people who's going to write about cryptocurrency or money just to grab other people's attention and make money.

My aim is to help out others and blog on creativity, filmmaking and films in general. Let's hope that discord and this initiative fuels some change.

Talk to you peepz soon!

Upvoted, resteemed, and joining the discussion @minnowsupport.

Unable to vote. Feature resticted to registered users. This is the error message I keep getting. What am I doing wrong?

Way to go. The messages come really fast and 2 votes a day is quite achieveable a task. I am already there but now I will make sure I'm regular n cast at least 2 votes per day.

I just joined and already enjoying it. :)

Hi I'm a newbie. I downloaded the app but not sure how to join the channel. Help please.


try clicking the URL again now that the app is up. See if it brings you there. Otherwise join through the web and use the same login on the app. Should remember you.


Yes finally got it! Thank you

Interesting, how does this works?, how can i get my post voted?


Go to the Discord network and register in the #registration channel. Ask for the help in the #general channel.


yeah i think i got it, there is a upvote bot, but says my post is too old, its only 1 hour old...


I know there have been a lot of modifications to the bot recently, maybe that's one of them. You'll have to ask @aggroed about that.

I couldn't be more happy to be playing a small role in it. So glad I joined

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I just joined as well. This seems like a very interesting concept, for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

@parvelous - this is what I was asking for the loan for :)

I just joined! Thank you! Resteemed!

This is a great project!


@nenio I'm not sure if red fish are allowed into the discord app. Anyway, give it a shot and let me know. Regards.

Maybe I missed something but isn't steemit supposed to be about voting up valuable content? Using bots seems counter intuitive to me or have I got it totally wrong? #money #steemit #technology

This project looks really good, Im on the way to check it ;) Keep on doing this

Thank you very much I hope you keep growing past the $1 million mark account value
I love you 😍

thanks for support :)

@minnowsupport Congratulations on that!
I'm new here and glad that I learned about it on time. Will try and make most out of it.


I'm still having trouble delegating my Steempower, I keep receiving and Error message with a big red X every time I try to.

Still trying to figure out how it works 🙈😂


Its a community within the community filled with people from all over the globe that realize the potential of this site. We constantly trying to figure out ways to help talent rise as fast as possible. The discord channel @ P.A.L. Net was created as a central location for this to take place. It offers upvote bots as a perk but the knowledge and amount of communication and information thats available is really what its all about.


Sweet! Thanks for the info. I'm on it; I'm just not used to the setup at all yet.

Good going

There is something thats not quite right to me that I recently noticed...

I clicked on a post of a photo and the member is very new.

Only 21 followers and receiving a lot of upvotes.

The lowest earnings are $26 and the highest is $54 with only 24 followers.

So I tried posting a photo and choose the same categories and I am still getting very low amount of upvotes.

I also noticed the post don't have many views at all but many upvotes.

Does anyone know why?


Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for this member and they are doing great. It would just be nice to have equality here.

Hello I'm just checking it out now :) any help would be cool.

Just joined the discord channel. Will read more.
1 thing is sure that I want to be part of minnowsupport project.

Any posts links to understand quickly will be appreciated and it will save.my time to get onboard.


Damn, that is awesome!