MSP Anti-Abuse Team Weekly Report #26


Anti-Abuse Team Weekly Report #26

Friday - March 2nd - 2018

As always, mostly a statistics update this week. We have been getting a good handle on when to have the bot awake and when to have it sleep, and this has only put a slight dent in our new signups. I figure the numbers are only dropping in regards to the people who simply want to use our bot and not really participate in the community. We consider this an acceptable loss, as we want to bring people in with the bot, but have them stay for the real value found elsewhere in our community. Some of the decrease may also be from increases efforts to remove abuse from the community.

The details of this weeks prune of the member-list -

  • 14757 Members before this week's prune was run. (795 new accounts since last week)
  • 30 Day Prune has removed 287 dead accounts. (18 less were removed this Prune.)
  • This leaves our count at 14470 Members after the prune.
  • ~1430 Peak Concurrent users this week. (Nice growth here.)

Updated stats on Bans and Blacklist -

  • 2234 Discord bans (+172 new from previous)
  • 2557 accounts in total are now Blacklisted by @minnowsupport (+212 from previous!)

The Charts

Member count data over time:

This shows the trend of members gained over time. I use the number of users counted after each purge each week.


Blacklist Counts by Type:

This gives a breakdown of the major categories we list an account under in our Blacklist.


In summary:

Good numbers despite increasing cool-down on the bot, having it sleep more often, and adding new filters to the actual upvote. With the recent addition of zappl from our list of blocked apps to use the $upvote command, we are really starting to see some actual content being upvoted. We still aren't 100%, but the path is now visible before us.

A quick review of things that get you blacklisted:

  • A single image or even multiple images, with very little text or only a basic bit of information with it.
  • An embedded YouTube or DTube video with zero additions to the post that provide value.
  • Attempting to gain multiple upvotes outside our 1 per 24 hour cool-down by any means.
  • Any major violation of our community guidelines and rules. (This usually has to do with treatment of other users on the platform.)

Not all of these result in a ban from Discord since we want you to learn and improve.

Check out this post for more information.

At some point @minnowsupport bot is going to need it's own version of the Rocky montage with Eye of the Tiger.

If you have any questions, please contact me on MSP or MSP-Probation

Thanks -


MSP Moderator, Sheriff and Anti-Abuse Team Leader

Proud Moderator and supporter of the Minnow Support Project - Brought to you by:





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I am glad I found this support group. They have guided me(a new person) with the beginner stuff and provided me a community to talk and have fun with. Furthermore, they are doing regular checks making sure that we are not getting scammed/cheated on, or have our content stolen... Thank you! from the bottom of my heart!

Ah, what happens when we prune. What a wonderful support y'all are running with sharing the details of your Blacklist. This is new to me and to see a "clearing and cleaning" of poor post and people not being their optimal selves. Great work and I will be joining the community today!

Gratitude for encouraging others to create the most optimal posts in order to enhance this blockchain, well played @mnnowsupport & @discordiant ~ Namaste

Thanks for this. Keep updating us.

You have successfully alienated me from your incestuous community... At this point only a public apology with cause me to think about returning... And if you REALLY want me to become a Heath Ledger Joker villain for MSP, lemme know! All I gotta is roll up my sleeves and use the same mind I used to make all the mods custome memes... I'm thinking CRISCO could be a fun start! What do you think?


At this time, we will not be allowing you back in to the community, due to the violations of our rules.

When you got unreasonably upset about a decision that leadership made, that required neither your input or had any real bearing on you, we asked you to take a break. You instead lashed out and verbally attacked the community in general in chat.

At that time I kicked you from the server to allow you to cool down and come back. I told you as much in a Direct Message when I did it.

You proceeded to lash out at me personally in that Direct Message, using harsh language intending to hurt. This is a direct violation of our community guidelines and rules. There is zero excuse for that behavior. Zero.

At that time, I placed the ban and waited to see if you wanted to apologize for your behavior.

Your actions since then, including the threat you just placed in the comment above indicate to me that there won't be any reconciliation.

I am sorry it turned out this way, as both the leadership, and even me personally, would have preferred to have you stay a part of the community, but that doesn't seem possible with all that has occurred.

I wish you the best.


Same old shit different group... You failed to recognize me... See you never!!

thanks your for update this post

We are getting closer and improving each step of the way. How many votes casted when awake would be interesting to know as well and how much she has delegated to her. Not really AAT type of information, but just a thought.

Hi @discordiant
Why not upvote from @msp-shanehug ?

Thanks you for information !!!