Free Resteem for Minnows

in minnowsupport •  2 years ago 

Dear Minnows,

As part of our minnow support program, we introduce a limited-time free resteem service, especially for newbies.


If you want your post to be resteemed for free, do the following:

  •    Send 0.001 SBD to @sbd.giveaway along with a link to your post that you want to be resteemed.
  •    Upvote this post
  •    Resteem this post
  •    Follow @sbd.giveaway

Your post will be resteemed. You can check back later.

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all the requirement have been done.

This comment has received a 1.04 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @scorpionking.

ooops... resteeming your post does not work - why ?

I sent you.


Oohh nice done in a minute :)

How is this free?

IKR. lol why weren't you upvoted

Done, how much time takes?

Ok the Resteem was pretty fast but now i am waiting for the upvote.