News From The Pond // Updates on MSP-Waves, Make a Minnow and SteemTipper!

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News From The Pond // Updates on MSP-Waves, Make a Minnow and SteemTipper!

Theres always a lot of action in the PALnet universe and we know that Steemit is a busy place so to keep you up to date we have a little news roundup!


Our radio station MSP-Waves is getting jam packed with live shows. Click here for a full schedule or check out

We are also looking for more Steemit made music to play when there are no live shows happening! If you are a musician and would like to have your music broadcast get in touch with @soundwavesphoton on discord and send him some files! We want to give exposure to as many of our musicians as possible!

Make a Minnow

Our 5000 SP delegation contest to support members who contribute to the community is going swimmingly!

Our last winner was @meno, who does a fantastic job working with msp-waves! We are currently on round 13 and recently added new eligibility rules:

  • to nominate or be nominated you must be registered on the PAL discord and delegate a minimum of 10SP!

Also @danielsaori made us a nifty little helper that will respond and confirm if your nomination was eligible! To have your nomination counted please reply to the original post with a top level comment. If you get a reply like this that means it worked:

Follow @msp-makeaminnow to be involved and stay up to date!

Steem on Twitter

@crimsonclad and @followbtcnews just released SteemTipper! It allows you to tip people on twitter (with more platforms to come) using Steem and it's super easy! There are so many amazing uses for this, you can now reward those who aren't on Steemit, this is fantastic as it gets the word out about the site and will likely bring us lots of exposure and increase quality sign-ups!

To get tipping read more here: SteemTipper

If you aren't already a member come join us on disord and make some pals:

See you in the pond :)

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Excellent idea. This will help upcoming artiste get their music known by other


I love you @minnowsupport..,the best.

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