Mod Meeting 07/10/2018

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The Minnow Support Project is a publicly run organization built on the Steem Blockchain with the mission to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty; help the Steem ecosystem grow, and train and retain new members on the platform. As part of the project we take meeting minutes and share them publicly. We're currently behind on publication and this is part of the process to catch up.


  • No emergencies

MSP Waves

  • Steem Forum on Saturday will be Music 9pm EST
  • Shows will be listed in OPS Server

Witness Voting

  • Steem Community
    • Approved

Mod Pal

  • Mama-bot doing well now that ring flushed out


  • RPC Paid
  • DS Paid
  • Payouts coming Today


  • It's all good


  • Has started raffle-bot and been fun
  • Logo almost completed


  • Everything good


  • We are in voting round


  • New project is being coded
  • May take a month


  • Will be allowed for MSP

Clayboyn Nominated for Sr Mod

  • Approved
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