Minnow Support Project- Mod Minutes 1-19-18

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In an attempt to keep the public informed of what the Minnow Support Project leadership does and how they do it the organization publishes meeting minutes. These are minutes from January 19th. An effort is underway to get more caught up than we are at present.

In attendance

Aggroed, Clayboyn, Crimsonclad, Discordiant, Isaria, KubbyElizabeth, Ma1neEvent, Rougebot, Juliakponsford, Swelker101, R0nd0n, Followbtcnews, Drakos

Minnowsupport voting

New bot update:

Room changes: restricted registration to people who do not have the registered role and mods, so that they don't clog up the channel. This bot does not fail so it has made the workload really difficult. The bot automatically registers people now and gives them the registered role. The only thing that puts people into cooldown is a successful post

  • 3979 total votes made since open; just around 2k/day!!

Minnow will now send automatically 2 DM's:

  1. When they first do the command we will send the first message: Be patient and do your transfer.
  2. After registration is comple it sends the 2nd message which gives the upvote commands, rules, and rules for muting/blacklisting

First DM:

:wave: Hi! Thanks for registering with Minnow Support.

Here are some tips for you as the process completes:

:small_blue_diamond: After you have sent your transfer, PLEASE BE PATIENT.
:small_blue_diamond: It may take a little while for the registration to complete successfully, so don’t worry if you have to wait a short while.
:small_blue_diamond: You DO NOT NEED TO DO THE REGISTRATION COMMAND MORE THAN ONCE in the registration channel. After you have sent your transfers, DON’T USE THE COMMAND AGAIN.

Minnowsupport will let you know when you have been successfully registered. Welcome to the pond!

Second DM:

SteemUser, you are now REGISTERED with this Discord account on PAL, home of the Minnow Support Project.

We couldn’t be happier that you are here, and want you to succeed on Steemit. To that end, we provide some awesome resources for you.
Please pay attention to the following information so that we can help you better:

You have access to the bot now!

:small_blue_diamond: You will now be able to use the $upvote command in the #upvote channel
:small_blue_diamond: This is only allowed in #upvote channel
:small_blue_diamond: There is a cool-down on how often you can use the command

The command looks like this: This command can sometimes fail, but there is always a reason. The bot will tell you why it failed.

:thumbsup: In most cases, a failure to upvote won’t start your cool-down, so don’t worry. Read the reason minnowsupport gives you for more information.

This cool-down is the time you must wait between using the command, and it comes with some rules:

:warning: You are only allowed ONE Registered Discord account. (If you for some reason need to re-register a new account, contact a Moderator when you join the new account.)
:warning: Trying to get more votes than you are allowed in any way is against the rules and will result in an immediate ban.
:warning: This includes having multiple Steemit accounts, each with its own Discord account. Don’t do it.

:rotating_light: REMEMBER: ONLY ONE $upvote command per cool-down, per person! :rotating_light:

:star: Please upvote your best work. We work with many services across Steemit to help stop spam and low quality posts. You will grow much faster by taking your time to make higher quality posts, instead of many quick easy ones! We check content here, and may take away your voting privileges if you are using the command on copied, stolen, or low quality posts. To learn more about our guidelines, you can read this post: https://steemit.com/minnowsupportproject/@discordiant/msp-blacklist-guidelines-defined-with-examples

Direct any questions to a Moderator or Greeter here on PAL.

If you are ever unable to access PAL, please join our Probation server to determine if you have been banned.


Changing how often the bot votes and/or vote weight.

Our bot is now more accurate so people aren't going into 12 hour cooldowns. We are doing many more votes now. Disco says the bot will drain to zero eventually. We want to make the vote as strong as possible. Idea to change to 1 vote every 24 hours. The question now is percentage. Aggroed says the math isn't right. He says it will settle at 35% and not go to zero.


1 vote per 24 hours: 24 hour voting cooldown motion passed. We will see after one week if we need a rest day or a change of percentage. We will look at the 24 hour bot cooldown for next week's meeting.

We are going to make an announcement post with honesty and transparency. After we do that then we will make the changes. We will make the post tomorrow.

Rules about what posts are supported for Minnowsupport votes

Thoughts on what posts are not supported:

  • Only posting Dmania
  • Steepshot
  • Photo with no text
  • Zappl

Aggroed said Dlive, Dmania, Dsound, Utopian offers upvotes so we can make a message saying we don't support it because it is always supported, but people post original music.

Crimson and others think it should just be banning Dmania, Steepshot, Zappl, photo only. Aggroed is concerned about the political consequences of banning these apps.

Motion to filter out Dmania posts
Motion was passed

Motion to filter out Steephot posts
Motion was passed

Motion to filter out Dlive posts
Motion was passed

Motion to filter out Dsound posts
Motion not passed

Motion to filter out Dtube posts
Motion not passed

Prepping meeting minutes for posting.

  • All meeting minutes were passed for posting

Funding and Expenses

If you are looking for reimbursement from Minnow Support then we need to do a document bi-weekly, so that it is transparent and we have a formal process.

  • 1 vote to switch to this method for anything that comes out of this account from SBD rewards for our one time expenses and ongoing costs.

  • 1 vote to get your expenses in this doc

  • 1 vote to pass once a month

Motion to adopt MSP by the numbers as a financial transparency, funding, and funding request document. Motion was passed.

If you have a funding request then you have until Wednesday to do it. Put it in the Minnow Support by the numbers hack.

  • Idea to make 1 post a week from each leadership team.

In mod pit we had talked about the idea of each leadership team making 1 post a week as an update to raise money for minnow support and also for promotional purposes

Aggroed and Isaria also talked about the once a week curation post that Isaria makes. Taking some of that SBD and rewarding our curators for the work they do.

Motion to sacrifice Disco to harvest his brain for r0nd0n's science thing by Shane

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Thank you for explanation !

"Motion to filter out Dmania posts
Motion was passed

Motion to filter out Steephot posts
Motion was passed

Motion to filter out Dlive posts
Motion was passed

Motion to filter out Dsound posts
Motion not passed

Motion to filter out Dtube posts
Motion not passed"

I wish busy/ steemit had an option to do this in general 😂😂

very nice project that is done minnowsupport I strongly support the policies and rules of this minnowsupport.

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