Meeting Minutes - 1/12/18

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Sorry I'm behind on meeting minutes. I have some more to publish after this. These are the ones from 1/12/18.

Generally speaking the Minnow Support Project is a Witness run community with a central account that upvotes new user posts to help get them started. People come for the bots, but ultimately stay for the community, and eventually branch off using our server as an incubator for their own projects. As part of a being a public organization run by publicly elected Witnesses and the Moderators we appoint I like to provide tranparency. I try to do it faster than this, and will work on getting more of these up soon.

Minutes 1/12/18

EDITS Mod Meeting 01-12-2018


@aggroed, @crimsonclad, @ma1neEvent, @juliakponsford, @rougebot, @followbtcnews, @swelker101, @teamsteem, @r0nd0n, @discordiant, @ausbitbank, @clayboyn, @stitchybitch


  • No Emergencies

We are over 8,000 Members


  • Dorabot: We will be switching.
  • Steemification of Social Media: Will happen on 1/13/18
  • Crypto Forum: Still trying to get people involved; looking two weeks out.
  • Renting Studio Space: MSP Studios; on hold to investigate.
  • Operations: Whalebot not catching links.
    • MSP-Lambo: Vote Taken and Passed
    • No issues with curation; possible Recruitment account; quiet week with AAT.
  • Witness Vote: TeamSteem voted and passed
## End of meeting
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