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| "Whatever we express, with confidence, becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy" - Brian Tracy |


Like many of my mentors, I've invested thousands of hours into personal development. Those of us who actively better ourselves and practice gratitude are able to handle suffering and sometimes even avoid it completely, and that's the beauty about it - is that in this short life, we will have the realistic opportunity of living our potentials, passing that down to coming generations, and transitioning to a better place in total harmony and peace at the end of our lives.

From Brian Tracy, to Tony Robbins, to Tim Ferriss and many others, practicing gratitude and faith is a vital habit in order to manifest our goals. There's one piece of advice they all have in common: to read a certain type of message when you wake up and before you sleep. This message can be written on a card that we carry around in our wallet, a print that we hang up on a wall, or a page within our journals. Today, I'm reading my message on a card.

I used to think "Who's got time to do this?"

I felt like it wasn't necessary. I felt great and contempt with the way things were, why be greedy or why brainwash myself that way. But ever since I got into this practice, literally every aspect in my life improved! More love within my family. More great people have crossed paths with me. More success from a career angle. I've been attracting the life I want, and today I will share with you how you can too.



"Thank you for giving me the strength to do what I do. Please bring it in, bring in the love, peace, prosperity, and abundance; and guide me as I serve my contributions to those who need them. I am wealthy, talented, and capable."

Let's dissect the meanings:

"Thank you for giving me the strength to do what I do"

This sentence is all about gratitude for the strengths you've been blessed with. You've got to count your blessings in your head in order to feel the power behind this statement. Say it when nobody's around. Say it loudly and proudly, and mean what you say.

"Please bring it in"

This sentence represents the cumulative sum of everything you want out of life. In order to reap the most impact from saying this, think about your ideal lifestyle with confidence. It is very hard to envision our success in the future, I know. Let's relate this to cryptocurrency. Remember when bitcoin was first established? It was very hard to envision that bitcoin's value would skyrocket to over 2k USD over the years.
Similarly to the success of bitcoin, us humans can also multiply our value with devotion, perseverance, and belief.

"Bring in the love"

Loving relationships are known to relieve stress and improve overall health. For me, it has been a critical role in my success so far, I've learned this the hard way. Jobs would suck if employees didn't have love. Business partnerships would fail if a loving relationship isn't fostered among the members. Families and friendships would tear apart without the expression of love.
We're not talking about romantic love here. We're talking for a love that should be a prerequisite to all human beings in order to make the world a better place and get along.
When saying this sentence and thinking these thoughts, you're not only manifesting love for youself, but you're manifesting love for all humanity. Let's start by expressing love on each other's SteemIt posts and stop using each other for upvotes.

"Bring in the peace"

Stress, anxiety, disease, hate, backstabbing, violence, war - these are all human conditions which can be mitigated by asking for peace. I would guess that two or three of you are thinking I'm a total hippie by now. I'm actually not, I grew up as a lost teenager wandering downtown streets and alleys with my guitar. I've been part of gangs growing up. I've disrespected women and engaged in mild drugs. But I turned my life around and I only hope the same for everybody who ever goes through a hard time. Peace is so vital in our well being as human beings. When we age and reach our time, it would be hard for us to "rest in peace" if we transition in agony.


"Bring in the prosperity"

Each person has their own vision for a prosperous life. This is because each of us has different hobbies, career paths, family conditions, friendships, and inner values within ourselves. Prosperity applies to all of these, not just money or career success. To see the day where we reap the rewards for our manifestation, and to eventually meet our vision in life. Being prosperous requires a discipline in whatever area of life you'd like to prosper in. Without asking for it every morning, it's easy to fall of the boat and drown in the waters.

"Bring in the abundance."

I want to emphasize one thing here, since we all have an idea of what abundance is (the acquiring of a large quantity of something). We are not only referring to financial abundance, we are referring to abundance in any area of life we please. I would like to have an abundance of love from people around me, an abundance of joy as time ticks down my clock of life. I would also like to have financial abundance, so I ask for it.
But here's the catch - you cannot ask for this while greedy. The mentality of this ask is the following: if you had the wealth to save your friend from dieing of cancer, if you had the wealth to help feed hungry people, if you had the wealth to build a business that solves peoples problems, or the wealth to give your kids an exceptional life, would you be willing to sacrifice all of that wealth and still be at peace with yourself?
If the answer is no, you probably will not attract wealth. Relating this to cryptocurrency, if you're the kind of person who is begging for followers or upvotes - this really is a sad case which takes you farther away from the abundance you desire to have. Tell us about yourself, share content you genuinely like, and before you know it, you will find your tribe and they will find you. What goes around comes around. You must give in order to receive.

"Guide me as I serve my contributions to those who need them"

We're not perfect. We can't sculpt our paths in life single handedly. Everything changes, from natural, to personal, to societal conditions. There are many moving parts and variables that are constantly in motion. By asking for guidance, you are literally manifesting for the universe around you to line things up the way they're meant for you.
Your contributions in life should be diverse. Contributions are meant to be given. "Those who need them" are the people who are meant to receive your contributions. We all have our low times when we feel like we're in need and can't give, but the idea is to do our best to give and allow the universe to play it's role in lining things up for us.

"I am wealthy, talented, and capable."

We need this reminder in order to move forward. We need to affirm and ensure ourselves that we deserve our success and capable of achieving it, because we truly can. So I let myself know that - damn right I am wealthy. I deserve to be wealthy and acquire riches, and I know that I would use it responsibly in education and greater good service. Damn right I know I'm talented - I am grateful to have the talents I have. We must have that basic confidence and gratitude in order to improve and master our skills. Lastly, I am capable. You are capable. We have resources, we have health, we have a place to sleep and a roof over our heads. We have an internet connection, we have each other! We have so much compared to other people. So let's get creative with our resourcefulness, make the best out of the situation, and make our time here on Earth well worth living.

Make sure to include your target monthly income at the bottom of your card.



Thank you for reading. Do you have a card also? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Good advice I will give it a whirl. :) :D :)


Ha! Keep me posted =)


will do =)

This is a very beautiful activity to add to your daily routine. I'm in NYC so my daily mantra is more like "Watch it, I'm walkin' ova here!"

so there's definite room for improvement there for me haha


Thank you! Hahaha awesome mantra! Life in the big apple, must be upbeat eh?

A few good friends of mine are in NYC. Would you fancy meeting for coffee if I happen to visit?

Happy Tuesday ^__^


I'm always up for a Steemian coffee! Anytime :)

Life in the big Apple is always moving fast and is full of inspiration... and many strong shouldered people in a rush ;)


I'd bet! Will definitely stay posted about that then. Cheers mate!

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