I wish you foresight .. [EMOJI POEM CONTEST ENTRY]

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And a special bonus is inside!

Hello 👋😻 fellow Steemians 🐳🌀 how are you today? 👍 😎

During my four 'official' days on Steemit, I've spent a considerable amount of time hunting for cool contests to join. I came across the lovely @elementm's account and realized that the contest she was holding was rather unique...

..an EMOJI POETRY contest.

As you would expect, my reaction when I 👀 this post was along the lines of 😱🙃😳😍😏.


Unfortunately, we've got some die-hard anti-emoji activists across our digital landscape (exaggeration intended). They think emojis are childish. They think emojis make you look like you're twelve. Well, in my entry for @elementm's contest, I wanted to portray emojis from a different perspective.

I wanted to connect with the emojis in a different way.

A way that represents wise Mo, not child Mo.

A way that represents what I genuinely wish for people.

I ended up writing the poem as if it was a one of those mystical letters you'd find in an empty bottle that washed up against the shore.


I wish you foresight..

Every square has four sides..
🌊 Every sea has shoreside..
👤 Every you in the mirror..
💪 Has dreams to score high..
💀 Neglect the war life..
👼 Protect your soul tribe..
💤 Sleep well the whole night..
👁️ I wish you foresight.


Thank you for reading. Did you enjoy the poem? Would absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
Also, if you're a poet or a person with creativity, I encourage you to enter the contest!

Here's the link: https://steemit.com/emojipoetry/@elementm/emojipoetry-challenge-week-4

Good luck ❤


Bonus! Yay for you! :)

If I follow you on instagram, be careful of what you post to your stories - you just may fall victim to an emoji story takeover.















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In love with the badges!! They're soooo cool

Thanks @steemitboard

My insight on this is one is such:
AWESOME DUDE! Great message from the timeless bottle friend. Hope you win!


Haha! Thanks @enginewitty! Pleasure connecting with you!

👏👏👏Bravo! You brought depth to that emoji poem (and also a bunch of other stuff to the rest of the post lol). I was thoroughly entertained 😄


Glad you liked it luv! :D

Bravo my friend, this is hilarious! Hopefully you win :)


Thanks Kubz! You're amazing ^_^

Hahaha... very cute pics! Poem is sweet too :)


Why thank you AC! Appreciate you passing by!


You're most welcome, Mo! :)


Cheers! :)

What an amazing poem dude! Great, great!


Thank you thank you!!
Cheers :)

I love it! Following you now for more fun with emojiis.



Might I add how cool your profile picture is?


Thanks. That's original artwork by @shayne.
He might make you one too.


That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing :)