Marbles and Stars

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I collect green marbles and stars
I keep them in enchanted jars
They glow in the night so bright
Sending out their love and light
They come from magical green streams
And the stars come from magical lightning beams
They drop from the sky so pleasing to the eye
The green marbles are formed from the tears mermaids cry
They hold powers of emotional healing
Helping you cope with your feelings
The stream that runs green is rarely seen
It only appears at night when green fairies dream
There's a green path made of stones to lead the way
But they disappear during the day
I keep them in the enchanted jars with no lids
So the magical jars send out their green mist
A mist of magic and relaxation
Causing a soothing and calming sensation
Every night I release the green stars into the sky
And the green marbles float until the sunrise
Every night they reappear in the green stream
And I collect them once again to relive the green dream


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Wow, a very neat writing and the picture is wonderful!
That would be an amazing nightlight!

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