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It is a fact that the majority of posts on Steemit, and the internet as a whole, are in English. While English is widely spoken around the world if it's not your native language it can be difficult to express yourself in your posts. Maybe you have trouble with spelling? Perhaps your grammar needs tweaking?

We can help

Over at PALnet, we have a channel dedicated to writing fiction. Another is MSP-Workshop - this helps with post formatting, tags, titles, thumbnails etc.

Today I have created a new channel called English Spelling and Grammar where you can get your work checked out before you publish it. DO NOT link posts there. Instead, I ask that you upload a text file, share a Google document or a Pastebin document.

For more information on sharing a Google document see @jrhughes's excellent post HERE.

For Pastebin follow this link - Once there you just type or paste your text, click create paste below and copy the URL to share like this one.


  • No Steemit links. EVER. Google docs, Pastebin or a simple text file only. No exceptions.

  • Only post one link or text file at a time. As this is a new service, it will take some time to staff, so please be patient.

  • This service is not to review your post. We check only the spelling and the grammar. The content is up to you.

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Another creative initiative of an endless value adding chain through correct English and grammar valuable content increases, keep it up you foxy muxxy

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This is why I chose you as one of my idols in PAL. Silent, but deadly. This is really a great initiative Muxxy. I'm glad and proud to interview a brilliant individual. Wish you all the best :) Resteeemed!

Oh wow, thank you for that. I am honoured.

This is good service, a lot of people need this service. Most people on Steemit are from countries where English is not spoken commonly.

If anyone needs help with Spellings and Grammar, then I guess I can help some of you.

Very useful initiative - have only just seen it!

Thank you

This is a really great initiative @gmuxx, I'm sure this will be very helpful for all those of us who are not native English speakers.

Great work man, keep it up!

Thank you for saying so.

This is definitely what this platform needs!

I hope it helps add that little bit of polish and value to posts

upvoted resteemed

Thank you

This is an awesome idea and will make it much easier for everyone's work to be reviewed much more quickly in the Fiction Workshop. Thanks @gmuxx!

Thank you

This is awesome! Thanks for help us :)

Possibly the most necessary service on the entire site. Oh, my, on behalf of the huge staff of one here at Best of Steemit, THANK YOU.

Wow, thank YOU

If I can help out I would be glad to too. Native speaker with MA and ten years teaching ESL and a bit of proofreading and editing experience.

Did you say you are a proofreader by trade @gmuxx?

I am grateful for any and all help.

No, I am not a professional. We have one on staff.

let me know when ever you need a hand. I'll be here with bug-eyes

Are you looking for proofreaders? I can be of assistance.

The more the merrier

Really appreciate you filling this "hole" that undermines some really good content because English is not the author's first language.


Thank you for saying so

Great support for all. This will help us understand each other .

Much excellent! Oh, wait. . . maybe I need to come to the class, too. LOL! GOOD GOING with this, GMuxx. :-)

Once you read my stuff, you may shuffle me off for remedial help. :-)

This is awesome! I'm sure a lot of people will benefit from it.

Thanks, I certainly hope so

Super, bravo!! Class!! I'm been waiting for this=))

Thank you, I hope it is useful

looking great . my native language isnt english ,so this could help me a lot :)

Great, I hope to see you in there

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Your follower :), and i like your posts. i see you also vote up ? @ronaldmcatee

i Think you know, i am your follower :) that's because i like your posts :) @ronaldmcatee

Yes, you said yesterday on this post

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This is great!
I can not find a resteem link??
what do I do wrong :-(

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no such thing

Oh strange, maybe you can't resteem such an old post?