Potential MSP Abuse Report: Sun Apr 28 00:00:00 to Sun May 05 00:00:00

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List of activities between Sun Apr 28 00:00:00 - Sun May 05 00:00:00

These stats are made available to support fighting MSP abuse and it highlights users with potential suspicious behaviours. Part of the #minnowsupportproject is an upvote bot, free of charge for all members. The upvotes are nothing to get excited about but more meant like a "pat on the back" for new Steemians starting out.

But the problem is that people are trying to abuse the bot, by using multiple accounts, or upvoting plagiarised or lousy content. Listed posts below are from those who used the @minnowsupport bot. The stats below are divided into three categories. If you find yourself tagged you might want to consider your behaviour.

Posts below are from the last 7 days but delayed by 24h to allow for actions from Cheetah and Steemcleaners.

Created by @danielsaori -- @dorabot's personal trainer...

Cheetah/Steemcleaners Downvotes

This is the most severe of the three categories. Receiving a downvote/flag from @cheetah or @steemcleaners is normally associated with some serious spamming or plagiarism. The number of false positives in this category is pretty low, so if you want to save your reputation and avoid being banned, get an understanding of what is wrong and fix it.

Low reputation

Any account with a reputation lower than 15 will be tagged here. There could be a valid explanation why your reputation is so low, but for most users, having a reputation below 15 is far from normal...

There is a built-in block mechanism in @minnowsupport that prevents voting on low reputation accounts. It means that any account in this category have had a drop in reputation since the bot vote.

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Hope you enjoyed the stats!

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