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*Hello again fellow Steemians!*

I got your attention! But wait! I really am going to DELEGATE you 100 STEEM POWER to your account for 1 week! Read on to find out how and why:

Following last FREE SBD welcome posts, I wanted to keep it on going for minnows who are still joining and are swimming in this endless ocean, but this time BIGGER

Your chance to become SUPER POWERFUL (not a whale yet, maybe a dolphin?)

I don't have a lot of SP, but all I have is fully yours!

This is the third post on #MinnowsUnite. There are a lot of questions new users have and the search feature is somewhat lacking. I have had to stumble along and slowly figure most of these things out the hard way. But I’m going to share my knowledge!

As you might know, I was helped from day 0 on Steemit by receiving 0.001 SBD, so now it is karma time

Here’s how:

Follow me, UpVote, AND Resteem this post so others will see it. Post a reply simply saying “Done, Done and Done”. I will verify that you did all three things, and instantly you will be participating for a maximum of 100 STEEM POWER for 1 week, delegated to your account. 3 users will receive donations between 30 and 100 SP once the contest is finished. On top of sending you all of my steem power, I will follow you back!!

As this is the first time I delegate SP through a contest, I must say I lack any criteria for choosing the 3 winners, so I will randomize the winners with a simple spreadsheet that will choose for me (will upload video of the process to be fully transparent). There is no way of bribing excel, so this is 100% equal and fair. More info about the DELEGATION process here:

OF COURSE - if there is any better way to select the winners, please share the method!

If this is successful, I will do it again and increase the amount I give away each time!

Alright! That’s it! Follow, Upvote, Resteem, Reply get PAID!!!

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!! 7 Days only for participating and then 7 days of SP (Super Powers)!




Hello Steem community, only 24hs to go, that means... 12 hs to join the first 100 SP!!! Hope you enjoyed the first out of many :)

upvoted last 3 posts and followed

Done, Done and Done......

Here i am ! Done and done :D
I just upvote, resteemed and followed you though I may not be lucky enough to get the reward but I really like your initiative and am happy knowing am lucky to have met you @jonipilo.....

Keep on doing the good job

Thank you @arcjen! I wish I could do this everyday, but SP will be gone for a week and then takes 1 more week to arrive to my wallet again :( 2 weeks per contest? I hope that's fair

Fair enough mate.......You are the bomb!!

Nice supporting Idea.
I am in. Done, done and .... done !

Done, done and done. I know this is coming late but i just want to thank you for the effort you have put in to make steemit a better place. Thumbs up mate.

Done, Done and Done

Just upvoted. Good stuff, hope to see you more often here. By the way, did you know: flamingos can only eat when their heada are upside down :D

Did not know that. I know polar bears hide their black nose with their front limbs when hunting to avoid being noticed in the white snow. So this means, RUN

D is done!Thanks and cheers, mate!

Done, Done, and Done

Done, Done and Done.

Done, Done and already following

Done done and done
Love and gratitude

Done, done and already following :) Thank you!

Done, done, and done. I am looking forward to more of your posts!

Done, Done and Done

done, done and done!

Done, done and done!
You can tell users to choose some random number from a given range. And then live stream while generating a number from that range using :)

not a bad idea, what happens if 2 users choose same number?

Ahh, that is a problem which can be solved, but extra work. How about making a list of numbers chosen?

Done, done and done

This will not work bro steemit is not here to give for free but to work for something and that something is post something that we can learn something

You are Now my Most Priced MENTOR, once more thank you.

Hi @chelseanews, I highly disagree, I received help for free when I started and that KEPT ME in the community, so by gifting SP I am CERTAIN I will keep some minnows in the community too. You can learn about CHARITY here, nothing else

All the best jut my opinion

Thank you, and opinion always welcome :) all the best for you too

Done, Done and Done

Done, done, done

Done, Done and Done!

Done, done and done

Done n done. :)

Done, Done and Done!

Done Done Done -- Thanks!!!

Done, Done and Done

Done Done Done!

Done Done Done thanks for posting

Following, resteemed and upvoted :)

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thanks again

“Done, Done and Done”

Thanks for this .

all done .
upvoted and followed also .

Done, Done and Done....

done,done and done

done, done and done

Done, Done and Done

Done, Done and Done 😃

Done, Done and Done!

Done, Done and Done! Thanks for the motivation!

Done, Done and Done!

nice post how can i participate?

upvote, comment the 3 D's and resteem :)

Done, done, & done. Thanks for giving back to all the minnows in the community who are trying to become bigger fish!

Done, Done and Done

Done, Done and Done

Done, done, and done!!!!

I gave you my last up vote. Done and done and already following

Done, Done and Done

“Done, Done and Done”

done, done, done.

done, done and done. This is a really awesome idea! Please do some follow up posts on the results of this. I am very interested on if this will help grow the Steem community better.

Done, Done and Done

Upvoted and followed. That being said don't give me anything, I just wanted to help support your very giving post but I don't want anything in return. Anyways keep up the good work, unselfish people like you are the reason why this platform is bound to succeed.

Done, Done and Done

done done done

Done, Done and Done!!!

TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ ᒍOᑎIᑭIᒪO

Done done and done😊 thx for what u are doing, helping others. Great spirit.
Thank u.

This is a great idea. You rock for helping out the minnows. Keep up the awesome work. I'm following you now.

Done, done and done .

Merci pour ce concours.


Done, Done and Done

Done, Done and Done!!!!

Done, Done and Done

Done, done, and done!

Done, done and done.

Done all three!

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Done, Done and Done! Thanks!

Done, Done and Done

Done. Done. Done

Done, Done and Done and Done and Done, and will be. lol

“Done, Done and Done”.

Lol. Thank you

done, done and done, thanks :)

Done and done. Won't let me upvote as its in the last 24 hours =(

Hai @jonipilo i wanna ask u about this post, may this still work ???

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