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Dear Minnows,

Yes, I am also one. And I find this exciting. The start of something new is always something special.I want to share one thing with you. Something I see often, and I think it's an improper behavior in my opinion. I know you want to get your name out in the deep Steemit Ocean.

I read in one article that commenting is more important than creating content to be seen by others. There are a lot of helpful articles which shares tips and tricks for better Steeming with the goal to get successful. Success is something you decide for yourself. Noone else. But I think most of the people here want to earn few extra bucks. But Stemmt is not a quick cash making system. This is something you need to know. This here is a social network and to socialize is really important.

What I want to tell you is this: Stop begging for follows!

What is this? I follow you follow me back!

Is this a valuable comment? Definitely not!

Think one moment about the author from the post you read before. What do you think the creator will feel when he or she read your great comment?

It shows only that you are not interested in the content, but only to get your name out there. But in this way, you will cut yourself into your own flesh.
Nobody will appreciate that.

If you comment on another post try to add value, show the author that you really want to participate with his thoughts.
If you are sharing your own creation ask friendly for follows, comments and up votes. There is nothing wrong with that. Before you are delivering something, and now are you asking your community. I am a friend of a call to action, but they should be in the right manner.

I think this is important!

Dont Beg.png

Try to put yourself into the other author's position. What would you feel when you see this kind of comments under a post you put so much effort into it? Not only once, but so often?

If you find this helpful or you find me as person interesting, it would be an honor for me if I could count you as one of my followers. But​ always feel free.

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I think if new members were educated to understand that one vote from an established Steemian with a bit of Steem power is worth 1000's of minnow votes, this stuff would die out pretty quickly.


Yes, i agree with you. Minnows need to be well educated about this platform.

You've shared some excellent advice for newbies which I've also found to be true.

Personally I don't ask to be followed or resteemed, I simply thank folks for opening my post that is a drop in a sea of content.

Initially I made the mistake of simply following everyone who followed me, and my feed quickly became quite overwhelming. A lot of them use the twitter trick of mass following and then later unfollowing. Our basic blog tools don't really give you a way to see when this is going on. Thus it is a tedious job to find and unfollow these people. If anyone knows of a tool that helps, I would appreciate it. at least lets you check your new followers by time and date.

Tip: Before you follow someone, look at the ratio of followers to follows. If someone is following 1400 people and has 98 followers -- you don't want to be number "99." Also, look at content, and common interests before hitting the follow button -- ask yourself, do I want this in my feed everyday?

Tip 2 for Newbies: Keep some of your powder dry, i.e. keep some of your content for when you are a bit more established. For example Modernpastor, I used a wealth of my own favorite photos of your hometown Salzburg on one of my early posts -- virtually no one saw it. How I wish I hadn't done that.

In any case, very nice post. Glad I saw it, you've got a new follower.




What a great Post. Thank you for sharing this with me. I agree in every Point you said. I also made this mistake, or better let us call it experience. Many People talked about this follower service, I​ forgot the name. Then​ I​ also tried it out to see how it works. I need to try out things :) But I​ remarked fast that this is not a good way. To build a follower with this system. They are no real followers and like you said the feed becomes overwhelming.


Yep, we all learn by making mistakes -- not just on steemit ;-) I'm resteeming your post so maybe a few newbies can learn from our mistakes.


And again I​ agree with you. That is life.
Thanks for resteeming the article. :)

Its a normal phenomene. It is why we need to continue educating new users about how to create value by posting.

The problem however is that people can really educate themselves by researching without the help of others and by putting effort into what they want to achieve. Don't get me wrong, it's not as easy as it seems, but it isn't difficult either.

To conclude, I don't think anyone should even ask at all for upvotes or followers. You should never ask, except you should add value. If your post adds value to someone else's own, you can include your link in the comments, by suggesting that they visit your post for more information. You are helping them and not asking. By visiting your post they are learning something and you are adding value.


This is what I wrote. In my opinion, if you wrote a post which other might find good I​ don't​ think it's​ worse if you ask under your post for follows or upvotes.I mean on yur own post. But i wouldnt suggest to put your link into the comments of another's​ authors post.


Ofcourse, you won't put your bare link which will look a bit messy but you can ofcourse embed your link in a text or word which is fine or you can make reference to a particular post. Ofcourse, you are not doing it to get followers. The main intention should be to help/add value which the author will definitely appreciate. You may gain followers in the process which is an additional bonus.


Yes, in that way i agree with you.

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I follow you follow me back!
When I see this I mute them.
One strike and they are OUT of my life.


This could also be a consequence. But does the user get a notification about it?


not from me.

I really like the kind of advice you are posting. Thank you
One point I don't know, what does resteeming actually do.

Well said. Follow me I follow u....😜😁 just kidding. I hate that stuff! Aloha!


Haha :D Me too man. Really!

Thank you, you talk from my heart!


I have to thank you.

I never asked anybody to follow me and I just follow my fellow passengers from the ecotrain and then some people I discovered and whose content I like.
Some of the more famous people (like the dollarvigilante) I don´t even follow because I know who they are and if I´m in the mood I can always visit their blog and check out, if they´ve written something interesting recently.
Right now I´m following 30 people, this way my feed stays manageable and a lot of the stuff in there is really valuable and also gets read by me and commented on and that for me is the most important part of steemit that you engage with likeminded or not so likeminded people (sometimes even better and more interesting).
P.S.: I like the fact that you´re on steemit for the sport, not the money, because you make enough money with your sport (I read your introductory post).


Thanks for sharing this great comment :)
I can totally understand you.
Also thanks for reading my introduction post. But I​ have to correct something.
I am not here only for sports. I like writing and also had an own blog. I already wrote a book which is not published yet. Football is my job, but there are more thingsI​i really​ like and that's​ why I​ am doing, for example, ​blogging on Steemit :)


The expression "being in it for the sport, not the money" is not to be taken too literally to refer only to sports, but to any endeavour we engage in for the sake of the endeavour itself, without having financial gains as the main incentive. I understand perfectly well, that you are here on steemit in order to express yourself via writing about different topics and interests, not only sports and I think it is very good for you that you have many more interests apart from your job. You are still young anyway, but those different interests will also keep you young :-) All the best!


Wow. Thank you for these kind words. :)

People spamming/begging for votes and follows is the most annoying thing at Steemit. It's got worse in the last month.


It's really disturbing. On every second Post, ​I​ read I see these comments.

Mach 5 tags damit du besser gefunden wirst ;-) Mit den tags orientierst du dich am Besten auf der " Home "- Seite rechts; die Kategorien welche du dort findest sind nach Aufrufen sortiert.
Upvoted und resteemed :-)


Danke mein Tutor :)
Echt besser 5 Tags?
Ich habe mal gelesen vier sein besser, denn wenn man editiert fällt ein Tag irgendwie raus, und somit ließe man sich einen frei. Aber wenn du das sagst werde ich das in Zukunft so angehen.

Ich danke dir :)


Die 5 Tags Problematik gab es vor dem letzten Hardfork.
Hab auch nochmal meine tags getestet und alle sind in der passenden Kategorie.
Sehr gerne mein lieber :-)


Top, vielen Dank :)

Trend of beging have appeared from the July. I see this spam constantly.