Minnow of the Week: My Steemit Journey so far

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Hello steemians, before I begin I'll like to say a big thank you to @runicar for the decision to ease up our steemit journey & encourage minnows like me through this contest.

Introducing Myself

I'm David Godwin Usoro, an indigene of Akwa-ibom state in Nigeria.
I'm a 400level student of Mechanical Engineering in the University of uyo, Akwa-ibom state, Nigeria.
I'm not so tall (doesn't mean I'm short either😎)


How I discovered Steemit

This has become my favorite story of recent because I constantly owe gratitude to @ishotz for his selflessness.
@ishotz is a coursemate of mine with whom I hardly related before steemit happened.

It was on a hot afternoon, while we sat in class waiting patiently for the lecturer to surface (you know how Nigerians lecturers can be lackadaisical about classes) I went to him to ask for my pictures (he is a photographer too). He told me he didn't have them in his memory card at the moment and got busy with phone. I was curious to know what had kept his eyes fixed on the phone that he won't even look at me while giving the excuse. I got the phone from him and realized that he wasn't chatting on facebook messenger Like I thought (that Was The only thing that I used my leisure for so, I thought).
Curiosity set in immediately as I asked to know what he was busy typing for.

That seems to be the best question I have ever asked since birth😂😂😂

He told me about it but all in summary.
He said

it's a blogging site where you get paid for making posts. It's called steemit you should join immediately.

He didn't have to say much as I was already typing the website on Google.
I got to join and luckily got approved within the remaining two (2) hours of the class.

How I grew interest in the Steemit Blockchain

As a student, I must say I've been exposed to a lot of ponzi schemes (like MMM, giversforum, Ultimate Cycle) most of which I have been a victim. So I grew more aware and careful about investing both my time and money on enticing platforms Like this one.
@ishotz invited me for two (2) Steemit meet-up both of which I waved away mostly because I didn't hear any testimonies in my little environment (I'm Thomas right🙈).
I still made posts though, Afterall it was similar to facebook, so making posts wasn't a new thing to learn.

As most newbies, i got small earnings on my posts and that wasn't really encouraging although I didn't see it like I was loosing anything. I got really surprised when I saw 65$ on one of my posts which was just about 10hours old. That's the moment I got serious. I'm ever grateful to @blocktrades for the single upvote that opened my eyes to the realization of how interesting and profitable steeming can be.

my first steemit meet up

I attended my first steemit meet up and I made alot of friends from there.


I met alot of steemians there and their level of commitment and humility only made me more committed.
I met @vheobong @holybranches @vwovwe @ubongj @alisonudeme @annieben and many other steemians on that day.
We shared our experiences, we newbies received lectures from @ejemai @tojukaka @samstickkz

Promoting steemit

I realized after my first cashout that this (Steemit) is would be good news to youths all I had to do was share it.
so I took it upon myself to make sure I spread the steemit gospel as far amy capacity could carry.
From this, I was able to introduce a handful of students and youths who are all successful steemians today. Some of them are @biggijay @enajo @biggiquan @willizgallery @johnayodeji @missnancy @zado @engrbrain1 @zadic

Steemit Testimonies

All of them have their testimonies one way or another;
@biggijay was even able to change his phone which he has used for 4 years.
@willizgallery made 35$ on her introductory post.
@engrbrain1 has been able to pay his school fees and change his phone.

My Goals on Steemit

The praise and acknowledgement I've gotten from the few people I introduced to steemit has only made me want to bring more people to the community.
so yeah my goal is to introduce as many students from my campus to steemit.

Steps taken towards Goal achievement

  • I've created a whatsApp group for the people I invited to steemit.
  • I assisted @ifioklee organize a meet-up in my campus to associate with fellow steemians around.
  • We're currently planning means to create awareness to the individual.


Thanks to @runicar for this contest.

Finally I want to extend my heart felt gratitude to @surpassinggoogle @stach @ejemai @ewuoso @samstickkz for all the love they've shown through their lessons and upvotes.

The link to My best post so far is https://steemit.com/my2017top5/@ungest/my-personal-5-best-posts-for-2017



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long slow clap This is So exciting to see. Please reach out to the community for support.

I'm doing just that.. Thanks for reading through

Great work you're doing boss. Keep the good work going and yeah it was probably the best question you've asked. 😂😂😂

Keep steeming and all the best.

😂😂😂..thanks boss...
we'll get there!!

Thanks sir for the value added to the young ones

Thanks for believing in me bro.. You're the real MVP..