Question to Minnow Builder Account Holders

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I have been debating opening up all of the accounts for the Minnow Builder program for a couple weeks. This would allow people to purchase shares in any of the accounts they want for a set price for 1 week. To do this I would post a Sale Post on all 5 accounts on different days of the week and then restart then sale right away when the post goes to payout. So there would be an open share sale for at least a few weeks on all accounts.

Minimum share purchases would be required in all accounts as normal and I would prefer to see people increase their shares up to 5 or more in an account before adding new accounts. This will protect you in case prices go any lower which might cause 2 share accounts not to get a vote. While I am hopeful we have seen the bottom there just is no way to know and someone missing votes always concerns me.

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The Question

So what I'm wondering is would everyone want me to do it this way or keep focusing on growing 1 account at a time?

Please share your thoughts on this and let me know which way you feel is better.

At the same time if there is anything you think can be done to improve the program feel free to leave suggestions.

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I think it's a good idea any opportunity to grow those accounts even higher it will surely be a good thing, why the 1000SP limit? And I think you should make this opportunity a recurring one, those who don't get votes will get the benefits when the accounts grows.


That isn't the limit, that was the least we wanted to hit before moving to the next account. Felt that was the least to give a reasonable vote for smaller shareholders. Now sadly the value has dropped further from when we set that amount so the votes are way lower then I'd like to see.


Oh I understand now thanks, well that is good to hear happy there are no limits but I have to agree on that with the prices fallen so low and expecting people to buy shares for higher than 1 Steem for such a low vote at the moment it would indeed regardless continue to be a very tough sale.


The value of the vote is more then if you self vote 10x with that same steem (5x guaranteed). Plus we are giving votes away to help build the community to the plankton who are part of the Minnow Builder program. Think it's one of the best way anyone can profit on steemit while still supporting the platform. Those that have figured it out have been getting 50-100 shares per MB account.

First of all, congratulations to the project, it is great to know that there are people interested in making the accounts more and more active on the platform.

That said, I believe that this process of opening accounts is very interesting because it makes them grow at a higher rate than the current one, but to prevent some accounts from growing more than others, I think it would be interesting to leave one day of the specific week for the purchase of shares. One example, Sunday is minnowbuilder1 purchase day, second is minnowbuilder2 day, and so on.

What do you think?


The process has been focused on trying to get an account to 1000 SP then moving to the next. We had someone pull a large delegation from the first 4 accounts which messed up MB2 and why we had been focusing on that one for a while here. Wanted to make it have close to what had in MB1 & MB3. At this point the account is again over 1000sp so I feel we have more options.

I had tossed the idea of a daily share sale, but have found the weekly approach works pretty good using the post payout as a cut off for a given price. But still not dead set on anything so thanks for your thoughts. Hope to see you grab some shares.

I just wish more people saw the benifit of investing here. I think it’s a good idea to open them all up.


I am leaning that way for sure. At least then everyone that has shares will have the opportunity to get more at the same time. Some people have told me they want more in the account they already own in as they would rather have 1 larger vote then 2 smaller votes.

Thank you for your continued support!

I have invested already... and at the moment, I think I don't need any more. It sure is strange to see that you're having such a hard time selling the rest of the shares. People will regret not taking up this opportunity, later on.


Agreed. I don't think there is a single other program on Steemit that comes close to the ROI we have had while still providing benefit to help support the community. If there is please tell me and I'll see if there is something they are doing which we can learn from to add more value to everyone involved. Think we are still early enough that making changes for the better is an option.

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I like the program and open to letting more people in for sure. No ideas right now but I will update if I come up with any.

Do a trial and See what happens!

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Ok - so this is Sharon @fitinfun speaking on my son @bxlphabet's account.

Now I have three accounts! I just opened @fitinfunfood to have all of the food posts in one place. This is a topic people really want to know and I have not been doing it justice with all the other stuff on @fitinfun.


First off, I won 2 shares for @fitinfun with @thedarkhorse Christmas contest and missed it! But I am very happy and thankful.

And I see you are selling shares again.
How do I know how many @bxlphabet and I have already, and yes, I will at least get two for @fitinfunfood.

I do not have time to understand or deal with the math here, but I'm in! Thank you so much :)


On @minnowbuilder: (not currently selling shares)
bxlphabet - 3 shares
fitinfun - 3 shares

On @minnowbuilder2 (active share sale)
bxlphabet 2
fitinfun 4

I would highly suggest getting up to a minimum of at least 3 shares for each of you, but 5 would be better. I'm worried that if steem goes any lower that people with 2 shares might start to drop below the amount that steemauto will vote for. It's not currently an issue, but rather be safe then sorry on this.


OK TY - got it on the list :)