Okay, I found the answer to the second question. I'm curious, though, how the growth of the shares works. Is it based on market dynamics? Does it go up with the price of STEEM? Or based on how many people have bought shares in the pool?

Everything is based on the 10 votes at 100% voting power that the account has each day. There are 2 pools each with 500% total votes. The pool for the share owners is split among them all based on percentage of ownership. There is a spreadsheet that we are working on, but think it's ready to be viewed at this point.

You will see the math of things, but understand it's not up to date with current shares purchased yet.

The key is that as the total value of the account increases in terms of owned SP (can't control fiat values) the SP value of those who own shares from sending steem will see their value increase. Future share sale rounds will be at a higher price to reflect the actual value of each share. So if down the road we have 4000 shares and account value is at 5000sp then each share is worth 1.25 steem at that point and the new buying round would be at this price.

The reason for the increasing price is to avoid any loss to current shareholders when new shares are sold. If there was the same situation of 4000 share and 5000sp and we sold 1000 more shares it would be 5000 shares for 6000sp and the share value would now only be 1.2sp per share meaning the vote values would decrease for the previous owner by us selling new shares.

Now as for the reports, besides the spreadsheet I plan to post weekly with the current status of the account. This will include how many manual votes were needed during the week to use all of the voting power. We will naturally vote this post and others that might be needed first as it helps all of those in the group. But we are also thinking things like random large upvotes as a bonus for share owners when there is excess Voting power.

Cool. I understand all of that. So if someone was ready to get their SP back, how do they do that? How do they request to cash out?

Oh, nevermind. It's on the spreadsheet. I had forgot that I saw this on the other blog post. It all looks good.

It's a lot to take in being a new program with a lot of moving parts. Glad you found it. Thanks for asking all your questions up front.

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