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I really recommend using this service if you are a small account just starting out trying to get your Steem rolling. And also if you are a fairly large holding of Steem power and You don't do much voting, it's actually a better idea to delegate your steem power than upvoting yourself. It pays better.

Checkout @minnowbooster at


Yeah minnowbooster is the way to go. They are the biggest and most trusted. I paying minnow around $2000-2500 a month for votes and they are worth every penny. I invest £300 into steem 7 months ago and have by building my account using moinnowbooster for almost every post. I earn around $800-1000 a week now and still growing :)

Thanks for the great video,

@silverstackeruk thats pretty impressive man! i wish i had the same results one day... im just not sure if I undestood well how the platform works...I watched all the trevon videos aobuth it and even some isolated tuts in youtube...but still i guess a kind of "minnowbooster for dumbs" video to get to understand the process step by step.... any help in this regard will be super wellcome man! Hope to hear from you! Greetings from Spain amigo!

Boas amigo cumprimentos de Portugal espero que a peninsula ibérica venha ter forte presença na steemit

Valeu meu brother! Com ctza vai!!! É nós!

Just be consistant buddy. Post everyday, answer back to comments and find yourself a role wiothin the steemit community and you will get there.

That's great to hear. Hopefully, one day will also be having the same amount of earning from Steemit.

You can do it. Just stick at it, stay consistent and find a role within the community.

that's amazing. I'm gonna start using it

I really want to learn how to do this. I've been following Trayvon for a little while now and seeing great potential and steam and the Steam Community is amazing. I need to make enough money I can buy a new computer mine broke.

Work out how many SBD are Steem you need to buy a new computer. Then enter every single contest you can find that rewards SBD are Steem until you have enough to buy your new computer. There are loads of contests for 1-10SBD, just a numbers game.

Good luck

Thats the plan. I just gotta keep getting the upvotes and such until i can get one

hey dude where can you find these games?

See the search bar at the top of the homepage. Ask it '' contests''

I have never done it but i would assume that's the best way to find contest's. That is all i can help with, you will need to build the rest of the rocket ship yourself.

Good Luck

The second biggest delegator, what a beast! Thanks for sharing man.

Second biggest scammer after Mr Ponzi too

Better believe it minnowbooster is the approach. They are the greatest and generally trusted.
Yes, at first, getting Steam Power is difficult, but with the authorization, the situation can improve and the Steam Power can be gained and helps you progress
Thank you for your great publication and good information

That is $300K a year is SBD price holds and daily payout is consistent. Nice!

I agree with you 300k is very good!)


This is hilarious. Can you explain how this thing works? I am new and a little confused.

Minnowbooster is a program referred to as a 'voting bot' that takes money (SBD) from people that want their posts to be more visible. It upvotes these posts with steempower delegated to it by people like @trevonjb. He gets paid from the bot for lending his steem power and the author benefits with a big upvote on his post. I hope that helps but it is confusing.

helpful to me. Thanks.

Thanks, that helped a lot!

So it's a lending platform?

Not exactly, but pretty much. You can lend (delegate steempower) to the voting bot and others that want to get their posts upvoted (bigger than they can provide with their own steempower) can pay for a larger upvote. If you pay 1 SBD you get a $2 (ish) upvote.

So I lend the minnowbot my steem and using an algorithm it goes out and up votes promising content, which then continues to get up voted because it was good content , increasing my steempower?

Pretty close. People pay minnowbooster for votes.

Minnowbooster uses steempower delegated to it. Minnowbooster divides up the money it got paid for votes and distributes it to the people who lent steem.

It doesn't just upvote promising content. It upvotes based on being paid. But... since you can get downvoted, you can't (or shouldn't) pay to upvote trash or you could just be throwing your money away.

Stop supporting this fucking scammer lowlife.

He´s scamming for a living.

Perhaps you could take the time and help us understand how he "scammed" people. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

He signed up to be a promoter for a ponzi scheme. He used his influence to get other people to throw money into this scam. Then worst of all, he didn't even feel bad about it and played victim too. When all of that went that he deleted his videos and pretend nothing ever happened.

Now he's using steem as a platform to spread his videos(while earning money for it) and I feel disgusted seeing him on the front page while majority here remained ignorant.

He is/was knownigly promoting the infamous Bitconnect ponzi. I listenend to most videos and he absolutely made the impression that he was well aware it was a scam and most of his referrals/viewers would lose their money.

But he doesnt care to pull gullible people into scams as long as he makes a profit of it. He literally made millions of the back of his viewers and as bitconnect imploded just moved on to promote different lending ponzi scams.

Plenty of hilarious stuff of this dense fuck and his ponzi pimps friends on YouTube :)

lmao, who the author or the website?

Hope you do a better job at explaining to your kids why you leeched off other peoples money :)

Luckily it´s on the blockchain forever!

Scam on pal!

You are great your videos are very useful

The author :) Guess you know he rose to fame by promoting the bitconnect scam, of which he was well aware it was a ponzi

woow sir it is so cool to see your one day earning from minnowbooster and its really so big earning from all of us here and i am happy to see you delegater power to minnow and you are on top in list congrats @trevonjb sir

Minnowbooster is a lifesaver for many newbies here at steemit. I tried using other voting bots and I found this one as the most reliable one. It also sends back SBD/STEEM if they notice that you will be losing SBD/STEEM when they upvote. When Newbies ask me what upvoting bot is the best this is the one. It may not be the highest upvoting bot but it definitely the most legit.

How have I never heard of this?

yeah minnowbooster is a great way to get some eyes on your profile. I just used minnowbooster to get my post trending!!

3k per month is good return.

Thats a nice middle income salary :-)

Wow... MORE SP ! 😎 thats really good investment!

But if I delegate my steem power must I wait 7 days or I can get it any time I want?

you need to wait

Nice. You almost jump to the first place. But still unclear for me how it works.

Keep up

mate! i really want to use minnowbooster, but im afraid i did not get how the platform works precisely... could you please create new videos about it? a sort of tut for us to understand how it workds from the very begining? Thanks a lot @trevonjb !

STEEM is the place to be. Minnowbooster is great, even minnows can get some piece of the pie.

Thank you for your detailed explanation
@minnowbooster I will use it follow your tips

Wow, you just made nice chunk of Steem. Everyone should take an example of you on how to invest.
You are definately here to help!

just a shame people blame him when it dosnt go there way, i lost money in bitconnect but the only thing im annoyed about is i didnt get in sooner 😂 only risk what you can afford to loose people! And take ownership of your actions dont blame anyone but yourself if it goes wrong. rant over 👍

hello @trevonjb sir,I have tried to get some steem power from minnowbooster as a lease but I didn't get it because minnowbooster not filled those delegation which pays less steem .I have only 70 sp which is very low,how could I survive with less steem power in steemit?.I regularly upvote your post and big fan of yours sir.would you please help me?thank you sir and your child is very cute.

Need to either put a bid for a lease at a competitive APR, or use bid bots to buy votes, or both. Minnows have to rely on these services, along with smart use of tags and other techniques to try and stay afloat here.

I need to get me some of that! :D

many congratulations for your first payout 123sbd just in one day is really a good profit and i like your decesion and hope you also will enjoy it always and more good to share with us your first day experience and thought on it hope one day we will delegate some to minnow as your suggest...

best of luck for your new journey to delegate your power to minnow @trevon

Thank you very much, I need it a lot because I am new in this area and I do not get much support like you
I will try it now


tahts great to see your first payout and also good that your share with us like your always and more good thing that you are the on 2nd top position in minnowbooster delegaters and this the more great job @trevonjb

I decided to try it out myself. Threw in 3700

thank you! i'll give it a try ...maybe later when i gather some steem power!
good luck to all! ;)

YOur investment is totaly paying off. Not only you are helping, you also get a great reward.
Way to go Trevon.

I really recommend using this service if you are a small account just starting out trying to get your Steem rolling

Oh really...does it? But for starters who don't have much steem power to delegate, how do we go about it? All we can do is pay minnow booster to upvote our posts and I don't know how profiting that is.

Well now that u'v made mention of it, I will sure try this out when I have steem power large enough to delegate.

If the price of steem and SBD are the same or higher at time of payout (7 days from now) than when you pay for the upvote (today, for example) then minnowbooster is almost guaranteed to give you a higher payout (but 50% is locked up as sp, so you will need to generate more sbd either from other votes or other sources in order to continue buying votes)

Interesting tool to get good reward, i just need someone as you making a review about this service. Regards

your great idea to delegate power is really succesfull to see your apyout today just in one day after your delegations and this shows the good service of minnowbooster and your choice is good if your choose minnowbooster and a big amount of power you delegate them so i hope you will get more benefits from your its decesion @trevonjb
thanx for share it your new experience with your followers and also some talk on steem chart and like your always videos

Indeed, more individuals should designate their steem energy to Minnowbooster, in light of the fact that I requested appointed power from Minnowbooster, and following one and a half day, my demand is as yet unfulfilled. The interest for assigned steem control is too high right now, it appears.


very interesting my friend i'm glad to see you, you give us great and very useful information i hope to have enough chance to grow up by the end of febreyr or even move to my ultimate goal by Minnowbooster simply! thanks for sharing i have used it a couple of times too. happy with it so far!


Thanks for the headsup about how minnowbooster works. Very informative, also how often will they be paying you? Is it once daily?

As always much LOVE & RESPECT!

#BlessUp and HODL


Yes, this is definitely an absolute solution. But there is an upvote analysis that we have done with an update made on steemworld. And I have the odds of how much I vote for myself. Is that a problem for us?

Its usefull if you dont have that much time to vote. Thanks for the review. Gonna delegate some SP for the wins 😎

**and at halftime the score is:

Trevon 122,000

player haters 0 **

Thank you trevon for this tip i will use this in my journey to get to the 5000euro a month income in crypto. I really just started this morning.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for delegating to minnowbooster , that bot has been helping minnows for a long time . Delegation to minnowbooster from whales will keep them functional . I hope other whales too delegate to minnowbosster and help us minnow grow on Steemit platform ! Thanks for your contribution to steem community .


Steem = Old new Bitconnect. Buy more steemand let see how much millions it will earn for you this time. Keep with a good job James.

You crack me up bro!!! HAVE FUN should always be the name of the game!!!!

I don't think you should be too worried about taking some profit from your Steem. You have invested a lot of time and money into helping build it up. Plus you will probably find something else cool to invest in and help out the community even more. Keep it up and may the Crypto Gods bless us all!

I will surely use this one when get some sp thanks for the share .

Trevon thank for turning me on to this platform. I see a lot of potential. Watch out though because once i figure this thing out I'm coming for your spot. May take a while though but don't sleep. Man when you told them to pull up man I damn near died!!

Aye man I'm happy to see you still doin good, I've been watching for a while and saw your life soar from bitconnect, you me and and so many others had faith in it but it's still a hood company trying to right by everyone, but you were able to bounce back pretty quick, fuck all the haters, fuck all the people talking shit to you, you don't need that in your life. Just do you and have a good life with your family

Hood company yea you got that right.

Can anyone spare some up votes for this bitconnect holder so I can get some steem power to send to minnow

I liked this so i can get money 😃 im honest

I'm still learning my self. This is cool.

it won't be long before he's the no.1 delegator!

I hope you can a special video about this autopilot

Thumps up👍👍@trevonjb though actually we thought u were going....weee, but its turning out all great, enjoy more and keep steeming

I use minnow booster for getting a vote on my post, but I’m shaky on understanding how delegation works. Do you get your SP back in at the end of the time period? Or do they keep it at the end? I’m writing this while in the middle of your video, so maybe you talked about it towards the end.

But like I said, i usually buy votes, so you’re giving me votes. Thanks man! But I’d love to understand delegation more and if you get it back

Yes, once the delegation ends however there is a 1-week delay where neither party has access to the SP, once the delegation is over it is returned to you.

Wow. I think when i get my SP up ill be doing that

This is interesting! I have just started posting on Steemit this week and will for sure try this out. Aside from that, can you post videos on DTUBE on how to get more upvotes, post quality content, gain a following etc. Basically overall on how to get the most out of Steemit?

I am with you on trying to capitalize on Steemit Trevon! Its way better than YouTube, it directly pays out the content creator for the VALUE of their content rather than just the views!

@trevonjb In regards to yesterdays video

I left you a little message on Youtube, and understandibly (i know you have been under a lot of attack latley) you thought I was trying to be negetive in my comment, and I promise you I was not. To my surprise (after leaving a much more in-depth comment on steemit) you replied to my youtube comment. Well it wasnt until then that I realized my comment could have been misunderstood as negetive. Well I did respond to you on Youtube but I dont know If you saw it so until I get a response I am going to keep sending this message through, because I want you to know that I appriciate you, and I am sorry fir the misunderstanding.Screenshot_2018-01-28-15-29-31.png

what are your thoughts? is this ethically legal? or taking the easy way out? i mean i would love to spend $2000 a month on this to make more money, but to be honest i am a father of 3 and the reason i am doing this is so i have an extra $2000 a month so spend on them..All my money in some shape or form goes to them and my goal is to be like you and live off these platforms and do what i love.. i love to play airsoft so i invested in recording equipment so i can make cool airsoft videos...I am really saving up because i need a medical operation for $10,000 max insurance wont cover but i need it to save my life and at this point i am will to try anything. I sell insurance and every other spare time i put into these platform. im to prideful to make a gofund me page i feel like i have to earn it on platforms like this rather than ask for a big handout

I will be looking to get into this program!

I really like your YouTube channel and your steemit blog.

Awesome info as usual, I am going to do that.

I will use minnowbooster thank you for your advise. I am smll one in this platform and may be you can help me :)

@trevonjb Dude, you're the whole reason I even looked at steemit or steem. Started watching your youtube channel late last year and now here I am. All because of you! I mine Ethereum and decred and sometimes zcash, but you opened up my world to trading( use 13 and 34 EMA because of you) and to steemit. Thanks for everything that you do. 💩

nice jb, thank you :Dmoney-rain-footage-000631052_prevstill.jpeg

Great result @trevonjb!
As a newbie I also using minnowboostet. Now I have not such good return. In earlier time I made some mistakes, but even with them minnowbooster gives exellent result!
Thanks for sharing this video with us! Good luck!

Wow it's cool... thanks for sharing sir..

Thanks for this video Bruh. Been following you for awhile for YouTube and everything I finally made it to the steemit platform. I say screw all them haters talking all that trash over there you know what I'm saying...!

Keep doing your thing bro you ain't lied to nobody you been doing your job keep doing what you do. !

good looking out trevon..

Brilliant @trevonjb.... you always find these cool tools and platforms. Does
@minnowbooster work for newbie's also?


Yes, minnowbooster is a service aimed primarily at the low SP/SBD having crowd, which is us.

I'm going all in on this, you're basically the one who gave me all this SBD with those likes from time to time so I think it's only right to listen to your wisdom on this too haha

Thanks Trev, this is a new start up for me. Everyone should take advantage!!

Oh man. I was loving how you up voted your first commenters. Thanks for all your tips. You really do care. Thanks.

Good suggestion, i have a small account still growing was thinking about minnow booster. You just cleared my doubts. It can be a very good investment for the start.

Thank you for sharing your ideas @trevonjb
I'll look into that

I got so much to learn

Shoots dude, let me know if you want to delegate some Steem Power! I'm an up and coming artist here on Steemit, and I'd definitely be open to that. Talking to everybody too!

Thank you for the great info as always!!! @trevonjb

I just started using it about a week ago. I was wondering about the delegation side of it. Glad you are paving the way .

So paying for minnowbooster is same as promoting the post and only get the attention or do you get the 100% curation rewards from that vote sent to you ??Otherwise it would be just a bot !

Those are some nice rewards Trevon!

really nice content...reesteem done

Damn. Wish I could also be as big as you. Thanks for the share.

i"m new on Steemit, Awesome info as usual Help full thank you.

I am trying to make my account rolling, though it is really hard sometimes. Good info @trevonjb I will definitely check out @minnowbooster

Just saw this from YouTube. I’ve had a DTube / Busy & SteemIt for a little while now. This definitely influenced me to want to use it more often. And Tre stay strong through the haters they can’t being us down 💪🏽🤷🏾‍♂️

thanks for sharing this kind of info Trevon. Not gona lie I've made some serious crypto thanks to some of the things you've shared. I don't consider you a financial advisor obviously XD but I can see you generally do share what you, yourself do and it is very helpful us who are just starting off.

Thank you man, that is very useful

Thats a good way to get a piece of the pie!!!

Lets smoke something Bro

DAM NICE DUDE!! I have used them in the past.

Yes I realize this..Carry on dear..

Great video sir... its so informative and i like your sharing...thanks for share..

Whats the bare minimum I have to delegate to be profitable, I can probably spare like 10 sp, that's nothing.

man you are always a first mover. Find something that works and run with it. Look forward to watching you grow this too.

Not sure what im doing but im trying

Fuck you and your bizarre facial expressions, Trevon.

I've been watching this dude's videos since he was gambling bitcoin on dice. No matter the adversities, you always come up with new ways to increase your portfolio. Good Video Brother!

it really good..i have tried not earning that much on it...but is really cool...because i hardly earn on my post payout...thanks for sharing to the world

Talk about a lot of up votes!!!

dude, I'm learning alot from your experience in crypto particularly in steemit. I've since done from cross referencing and discovered that alot of your information about minnowbooster and everything else pans out. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to help the community. Well appreciated

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