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Yeah minnowbooster is the way to go. They are the biggest and most trusted. I paying minnow around $2000-2500 a month for votes and they are worth every penny. I invest £300 into steem 7 months ago and have by building my account using moinnowbooster for almost every post. I earn around $800-1000 a week now and still growing :)

Thanks for the great video,


@silverstackeruk thats pretty impressive man! i wish i had the same results one day... im just not sure if I undestood well how the platform works...I watched all the trevon videos aobuth it and even some isolated tuts in youtube...but still i guess a kind of "minnowbooster for dumbs" video to get to understand the process step by step.... any help in this regard will be super wellcome man! Hope to hear from you! Greetings from Spain amigo!

Boas amigo cumprimentos de Portugal espero que a peninsula ibérica venha ter forte presença na steemit

Valeu meu brother! Com ctza vai!!! É nós!

Just be consistant buddy. Post everyday, answer back to comments and find yourself a role wiothin the steemit community and you will get there.

That's great to hear. Hopefully, one day will also be having the same amount of earning from Steemit.

You can do it. Just stick at it, stay consistent and find a role within the community.

that's amazing. I'm gonna start using it

I really want to learn how to do this. I've been following Trayvon for a little while now and seeing great potential and steam and the Steam Community is amazing. I need to make enough money I can buy a new computer mine broke.

Work out how many SBD are Steem you need to buy a new computer. Then enter every single contest you can find that rewards SBD are Steem until you have enough to buy your new computer. There are loads of contests for 1-10SBD, just a numbers game.

Good luck

Thats the plan. I just gotta keep getting the upvotes and such until i can get one

hey dude where can you find these games?

See the search bar at the top of the homepage. Ask it '' contests''

I have never done it but i would assume that's the best way to find contest's. That is all i can help with, you will need to build the rest of the rocket ship yourself.

Good Luck

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