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RE: MinnowBooster : Abuse Cases Defined

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This is a joke post.. no not mine.. the OPs.
Seriously, it must be.. is it April 1. ?

All this is eliminated by eliminating the stupid system of buying your way up.
I swear, I got to be missing something here.. It's not intelligence, I am secure there.. but what the hell is the positive in this buy votes crap?

Remove all the buy in crap and let REAL content do the work.
All the fucken spammers and shit accounts will fuck off.



Thing is, removing one bot will just make room for new bots. As long as steem is encouraging this, there will always be bots. And minnowbooster is being the better bot, not no bot.

Before there were voting bots, good content did not magically get many upvotes. I know you were not here at that time but bots solve a real need that was unmet before. And instead of hating the bots who are a symptom of the problem, we should put in the work to find solutions that make them obsolete.

You see, in my post I did not specifically say NO to BOTS.
I referred to the system of BUYING your way up.
I see your point regarding what purpose BOTS serve and I see how they can generate traffic to the right and deserving candidate. However, the BUY element is easily manipulated (as per the OPs examples) and it is also FEEDING specific few.
I can't see positives there.
Not from the perspective of new humble users and not from the perspective of long term.

Anyway, this does nothing but create a void.
A void where a new system can come along and make steemit obsolete very quickly.

Think is no one will run a bot without getting payed for it. At least not a good one with a lot of SP behind it. It just makes no sense for that person.

And as long as these buy bots exist, people who want more will use them. So we need a solution that renders buy bots obsolete.

Well maybe a bot reward system that rewards useful bots which are generating traffic to good content.
So bots themselves compete for reward rather then reward be guaranteed just because they are convenient to spammers and shit accounts. Most of the bots get abused by spammers and crap accounts because without them they and their content have no hope of longevity here. The bots then feed off that, and the cycle snowballs to an embarrassing mess.

There is a clear divide here.
Those who upload or want to upload good content do not like the bots and avoid using them. Those who don't have good content.. literally beg for votes and utilize the crap out of the bots. Wouldn't be hard to write some code that differentiates and learns what is good content and what is garbage.
Thus slowly weeding out the spammers.
Just down voting them isn't enough.
They should be blacklisted.

In my opinion and with what I learned from AI and ML courses, detecting what good content is is not a problem that can be solved. One persons shit post is another persons gem.

Minnowbooster will work in the direction of stopping all votes on content that just exists to get a vote. It won't be easy but we are willing to put in the work.