Minnowbooster Just Stole $200 From Me - I Would Like It Back

in minnowbooster •  9 months ago

Blastlisted Without Warning

I am not positive what I did wrong. I thought I was using the service the way it was meant to be used. There is constantly posts with far less quality and effort than what I post. I spend a decent amount of time making my posts and after curation I generally make a very small profit. Generally when your bid isn't accepted, it sends your money back... when they blacklist you then I guess they just steal your money until you realize you are not getting upvoted. For me, I spent about 20 mins sending sbd to upvote my post and none of my money was returned.

I spent so much time sitting and copy pasting my links and upvoting my content using @minnowbooster and now I get banned for seemingly no reason. I recently made the switch to using @smartsteem for my vote selling and I think that is part of the reason that this happened.

Minnowbooster is aware that I send a lot of money it's way. and has made hundreds if not thousands from me sending money to it. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to try to get a 52$ upvote from it, so I sent it plenty of 19 sbd bids.

I would like my money back. I wont use your service anymore.

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My guess is that you got blacklisted for doing this ...

Please don't spam @smartmarket with your transfers, but otherwise you're more than welcome to use our service :)


I want to make sure you understand why I thought I was following rules.
Um.... so that is what I did. I guess maybe if I converted my articles to chinese and put fewer words with them I wouldn't be blacklisted. Now you see, for some reason there is this MAGICAL difference with smartmarket where if you make 2 transactions to the bot in a short period of time it informs you not to send money so fast, WOW WHAT A CONCEPT HOLY SHIT WAS THAT DONE ON PURPOSE???!?!? My guess is yes, you did. Now, flip the coin over and wonder if the creators of minnowbooster left no limit so you could send money as fast as you want. YUP, they sure did and I followed their rules.


Also, I read through the content on their website. Still thought I was ok.


I don't actually think I was blacklisted because of me sending so much money and buying so many votes, actually, have you ever heard of the burger joint that banned that customer because he bought so many cheeseburgers from them? No, because they built that for that purpose, to facilitate the sale of burgers. I bought a lot of burgers. I think part of the reason I was blacklisted was because I switched my vote selling to smartsteem from minnowbooster. I switched and within a week I am blacklisted. Or maybe it was the 1 post the I didnt take as much time on. I am not sure but I guess I will give my money to the other vote bots. It's sad because minnowbooster actually did it much better than all the others thats why I used it. But more money was stolen from me than what I had profited in the couple weeks using it.

I really like this post skyefox! keep it up!

Well, that's too bad, but honestly, buying that many votes? Come on. Compete on a level playing field, Make your content better. Build a following.


I read the rules in front of me, and I did it better than other people because I had a very small knowledge of coding so I was able to do it automatically using my own bot/script with theirs. We are talking about buying votes from a bot, and this is why I got blacklisted? Im not even mad about the blacklisting, I can buy a new ip/account and do it again, I am upset that he just steals you money the second he flips the blacklist switch which in my case was when they added the captcha to the minnowbooster site, so naturally I redid my setup to use the steembottracker site which requires me to send through steemit rather than the minnowbooster site instead of getting and instant transaction response like when using the minnowbooster site, so I ended up sending money and not realizing that I was blacklisted until I saw I received no votes for my couple hundred dollars spent. The bot is setup to reject you when it cant find a vote for you to purchase and it should be setup to refund you and inform you that you are blacklisted. But no, instead my money is stolen when I did nothing to hurt anyone.