Hi can I ask you to give me a screenshot of your vote selling settings and threshold, I can advise further. You can also contact my on Discord DM - thecryptodrive#8144

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.... I used to make 2-3 SBD per day ?


When was the last time you made 2-3 SBD per day? Because right now people aren't really buying votes as of the 27 August because of Hard Fork 21.

A while ago... maybe 2 weeks ago

Ok.... should I delegate instead ?

Ok... one sec.

I noticed several days my Steem Power was stuck at 100% and no voting was going on so I started voting manually again....

I can suggest the following, drop your vote threshold to 90% and disable whitelist only voting so you allow more people to be able to use your vote.

If still low demand we have another product where you can delegate your SP in a P2P fashion to other users, there are some leases for as much as 22% per annum and will give stable daily returns.

Vote bots may not have that much demand while we are transitioning to the new HF, there is going to be another HF 22 in 14 hours to fix some bugs so demand is likely to be low until the chain stabilises and people know they won't lose money from buying votes.

Ok... great ideas. I will make the suggested changes and see how it goes. I am going to do a little more manual voting to see how I do Voting whales at the 5 minute mark.

Ok cool let me know how you go.

Thanks for all your help. It’s the only way I earn much on Steemit anymore.

Sent discord request...

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