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RE: MinnowBooster : Abuse Cases Defined

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I have youtube channel and I am posting original videos in steemit. My posts are under 150 words but filming and edinting videos is hard work. 3 min video can take hours or few days to be ready for publishing.
Will the bot punish me for such post ?



We already revised the rules to include your content. In my opinion just posting the video does not qualify for a $10 upgoat and writing a small text like you did will actually go a long way. And we have users like @techslut who offered to help artists with writing summaries of what the video entails. We don't want to punish you, we just want to ensure we can unvote users who post a video they do not own with no text.

@nomadics , if you need help writing a video description, just holler. The text you wrote is not very "engaging". Try adding another paragraph that says something along the lines of: "In this video, I will show you how... and this will allow you to..."
Protip: Use this longer description on youtube for SEO purposes. More views from youtube that way. :)

I wil check your blog @techslut and thank you for your comment. I will try to make the text more spicy next time :)

No problem! Mention me if you need help.

Thank you @reggaemuffin. I will try to improve the description of the photography and videos (adding more text and screenshots) I make. English is not my native language and I proffer to spend extra hour editing video than write a text for 15 min. I will check the blog of @techslut.
I always strive to use my own original material in my posts, this is my first animated gif:

If you like it you can use it freely