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Hey there,

@reggaemuffin here speaking for @minnowbooster with our second update post.

If you missed our intro, read it here:
(Be wary that some details changed since then and it is only an overview)

Since the reward pool and the Steem price are both dropping, we had a hard time keeping our 5x profit promises because we had to adapt the parameters all the time. We fixed that now. The bot will now calculate how much his vote will be worth every minute and base calculations on that. So we hope that upvote values are more accurate now.

We also noticed that people use the bot a lot and its voting power hovers at around 1x profitability anyway. So to increase the overall throughput we are lowering the overall profitability. For you, this means different voting power values for the same thing.

As an example, you send us 1 SBD. At 100% voting power we will vote it up with $3 worth. After curation rewards, you get probably $2.25 out of it. At 50% you most likely get $1.10 after curation rewards. And at 33.3% you get your payment before curation rewards. Remember to factor curation rewards into your calculation, they can be quite complex and we can't do them for you as each post is different.

Since we added selfgoats, you asked us to give you an option to hide them. We got something for you. We got you stealth goats. To use them add an S and a space before your url, like so:
S https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@minnowbooster/introducing-minnowbooster-beta

And the goats will vote in hiding without making a big fuss about it. But the extra work means we have to pay them more, so you only get a 2x profit instead of 3x. This is not meant to make you a profit but to give you a silent push to promote your post.


In the spirit of transparency, all upgoats (even stealthy ones) can be viewed at https://www.minnowbooster.net/upvotes where we now also display their upvote worth at the moment we did the vote. Old votes will have $0 value, but just because we don't have that data anymore.

Also for those who want to lease Steem Power and earn it back with curation rewards, @fingersik made a post about how profitable this is (short vesion: Don't expect much if you are no expert curator). We will improve the service over time and have many things planned but for now please see here if this matters to you:

We will also now try to detect and refund double votes and last 12 hours before payout votes, but don't nail us on it. If the bot fails to refund it automatically, we won't manually. Check before you send :)

(We silently lowered the minimum send for upvotes to 0.01SBD because people asked and we are stealthy goats!)

We are happy to hear your feedback on where to improve. Leave a comment below and join our discord server and we will listen.

We will try to make these updates a regular thing to keep you posted on the latest happenings for @minnowbooster. If you have something we should cover in the next update, tell us.

And last but not least we now have a cute little footer made by the most epic @ryivhnn! Yes, there are cute little minnows floating around!


Hey you guys @minnowbooster!

Been using it for a week now and starting to like the service! I had 7 delegations of SP through the open market function. This morning i got a few transactions saying "Please update your delegation with a V2 Steemconnect link". What is this? What does it do?

Also, one of the links failed.....
I had a lease to a user @ Brakan for 130 SP for a week (which ended yesterday evening).
Clicking the link and entering my active key yielded this result:
"close Error
Oops, something goes wrong!
Error code: 1 Assert Exception
Do you want to try again?"

Re-clicking the link and entering my stuff again, same result....

So now what?

These update links are to cancel delegations that are over. They are for your convenience so you can just use the link and it will work. If a link failed, please tell me the link and I investigate.

Steemconnect error messages are not that good so you have to check for what is actually wrong.

Hi, I've attempted to delegate SP to @minnowbooster and keep getting this message:

Oops, something goes wrong!
Error code: 1 Assert Exception

Any thoughts? I'm logging in with my username and active private key.

It may me you are delegating not enough or too much or you don't have enough or a couple other thinks. Can you send me the link you used?

"Not enough or too much". That's pretty vague. You can see my wallet balances. I attempted to delegate 2000 SP.

Can you send me the link you used? If you know how to open developer console you can read out the error message.

I used to own goats myself, and here, have this one for the collection!

This is Octavious. Behind him is Olivia, his chick. They love to upgoat!

epic upgoat! If you want, catch me on discord and send me a few upgoat pictures I can add to the collection.

I'll see what I can do :)

I think it would be better to block the bot when it goes under 50% voting power, so that your customers can be sure they are not losing money on it :)

I agree with you @claudio63.
Even if there are some people who are ok with the low-value upvote, most users would prefer to get a higher return that there investment. Maybe 50% is too high for the team of @minnowbooster. Maybe 40% is better for them.

Hmm good idea but tgere are people like me who are fine doing that loss.

I was just checking yoyr voting power. It was drained to about 30% yesterday. So, are you saying that now we should use the Upvote functionality at minimum 50% voting power? Thank you :)

If you want to make a profit after curation rewards then probably yes. The reward pool and steem price dropping means this will get more complicated.

Yep, probably I should be looking for at least 60% voting power.. Thank you! Waiting for the next updates.

This is a nice update, I'm sure it will fix all the issues :)

Hey, give me a boost!!!

But only if you say please to Mr. Goat!

Oh fine, please Mr. Goat!

Mr. Goat is pleased! 🐐

Thank you, you are so kind!

Thank you Mr. Goat!

Whoaaaa...hey @reggaemuffin! I didn't know that you actually leave Discord to do other things...like post on here. It's good to see your name.

Thanks for the update...I'll be trying it out in the morning!


HI I just made a transfer of
Receive 73.385 SBD from minnowbooster Sorry, we voted 100% but it was not enough, we refunded you the rest!
24 minutes ago Transfer 91.030 SBD to minnowbooster S https://steemit.com/colorchellange/@writemore/colorchallenge-thursday-green

ie 17.645 and received only +- 13.5 back I would like to know why did I loose so much

Like I already told you on discord: You used stealth votes. They double the 100% value so at 38% voting power you make a loss with them.

sorry you did not tell me on discord perhaps I was gone off by then . I can not understand the process . Please can you tell me how it works. I have been seeing the payouts and it seems like most payouts are in looses . So how do I not make a loss . Do I need to transfer less ? please also inform others in a post how upvote work. All of the steem mates are here to improve on the accounts , like this we are not .

You have to check how the bots voting power is. It will upvote so that if it had 100% it will triple (or double with stealth) your payment. So if voting power is too low to make earnings, just don't use it, it will go back up. But if people are willing to make a loss it may be it never gets up again.

This comment has received a sweet gift of Dank Amps in the flavor of 1.47 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @writemore. Vote for Aggroed!

Is there a lag with the bot no upvote even after 15

It sometimes takes a few minutes. But can you show me the transaction? I'll see if there was an error

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