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Hey folks, we just wanted to follow up regarding a recent new feature we've added to MinnowBooster. The feature we are talking about is referrals!

We are absolutely thrilled at the response we received when introducing this new feature. A lot of minnows have reacted very positively to the new incentives we are offering for bringing new friends to the platform. In this announcement we'd just like to remind users about how it works.

1.) It all starts with a link that can be found on your MinnowBooster.com user page.

Copy the link and gain referrals by sending your link to friends. The more users you get to sign up and use the platform, the more you make! Your referral will go into effect after the first use by the person you have referred.

2.) How much can I make from referring a friend?

Well, we've tried to structure it so you will receive 1.5% of the profit your referral generates on the site.

We don't just reward the person sending the referral link, we'll also give your friend a nice bonus as well. Each person that signs up with a referral link gets 0.5% of their own generated profit!

Are there any limits to the program or how much I can make by referring friends?

Absolutely not! The more you refer the more you get! It really incentivizes minnows to bring in their minnow friends but we're also happy to accomodate dolphins and whales! The more the merrier!

We hope you'll consider taking advantage of this outstanding program! We are pleased to give every Steemian a chance to be a partner of the @minnowbooster project!

Why choose @Minnowbooster?

Minnowbooster strives to provide a truly investor-class model for Steem investors who are either not good at curating content or do not have the time or inclination to do so and would prefer to earn a "Masternode like" competitive APR return on investment with daily payouts, and simultaneously empowering the community and stimulating the attention economy of the Steem blockchain.

Thank you again for your continued support as we work on providing the most socially beneficial toolset on Steem.

Our team will continue to move forward to equip you with the services you need to succeed on Steem!

What can MINNOWBOOSTER do for you?!

Buy upvoteSBDEarn an instant return
Lease SP from marketSTEEMIncrease your vote strength and curation rewards
Delegate SP to marketSTEEM POWEREarn daily STEEM dividends
Invest STEEM in MinnowBoosterSTEEMEarn daily SBD dividends
Delegate SP to MinnowBoosterSTEEM POWEREarn daily SBD dividends
Sell your vote to MinnowBoosterVOTING POWEREarn SBD share of sells


Minimum Upvote0.01 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?Can Be Enabled
ProfitAlways Guaranteed!Varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send.
Minimum Lease Purchase1 STEEM
Maximum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/50 SPPrice per week/Lease size
Minimum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/400 SPPrice per week/Lease size

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

Visit our flashy new website minnowbooster.net!

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the Steemvoter.com bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam subsidiary and sister project to @steemsports and @minnowbooster.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Wow, this is just simply awesome.
This will definitely make @minnowbooster more popular here in steemitworld through this new feature referral program and both will receive a reward. thumbs up for this great idea!

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Yes. I love too. @minnowbooster will become more popular and it's users will earn more than ever. I really thank these guys for this innovation.

Oh no, this is not good.
I feel this will only encourage the thirst to earn instead of post.
People need to join for the sake of joining the community and not because they're getting paid for it.
This will surely increase the quantity of people joining, but it might not do the same with the quality.
Just my 2 cents.

Hi @yesaye we understand your concern and would like to assure you that we are actively fighting abuse on our system. Scammers, spammers and lazy bloggers are starting to have a really hard time these days. If you'd like to voice any further concerns come and chat to us on discord, there is someone always available. Have a great rest of your day!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Actually, your system is probably fine. It's the whole of Steemit that could get affected.
EDIT: Oh okay, the referral is for your service and not Steemit. My bad.

But how do i get a delegation from you guys? How do i buy

Hi, you can read this post and watch the embedded video to get an understanding https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@minnowbooster/minnowbooster-delegation-leasing-market-made-simple


Thanks a lot @minnowbooster. I will try. Good luck to us all.

Wow this is awesome news for steemians!

It's really cool to receive rewards for bringing in new users @minnowbooster.
With all the cool features minnowbooster provides, this is a plus.
I suppose this referral reward in endless and doesn't end after sometime, yes?

I have been waiting for the announcement, looks like a good idea...

Great information refral program

good news..


The person referring is not called a referral, oh my jeez :)
Its called the REFERRER .. or REFERROR ..

follow me , upvote me, back me up! i follow all buddies back!

and thanks for this amazing initiative! Let us know how it goes with everything!
Especially I think it is interesting to follow how the referral profits turn out? How is that calculated?
And how is it even possible to pay more than double the investment back when buying upvotes? Do you have superpowers?
lol, greetings! Skål! keep it up, we support you guys!

Amazing I also want to join

Nice post

Good ...

Loving @minnowbooster seems to working well, I get paid everyday. Great product. I will attempt to start my referral right here, lol
To Join use this link:

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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awesome.This is good news.I have benefited greatly by watching this poster.thanks bro..

Thank you @minnowbooster for all your help

Terimakasih @minnowbooster. Saya selalu menyukaimu

How do I join a minnowbooster? How can I join my friend and my friends? Please say

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey @sarminn, if you'd like to, you can use my referral code in order to subscribe (https://www.minnowbooster.com/vote-selling/?ref=724700). So we can directly test if it works. Just click the link and subscribe to a new account. Then you can delegate steem power to the bot. He will vote for you even if you are offline and you will get steem in return. You can also lease Steem Power to other uses and get interest. Or, if you are posting yourself very often, you can lease SteemPower from others in order to get more returns. There are several possibilities on how to use minnowbooster. One more hint: You connect to minnowbooster with your username from steemit (sarminn) and - best for the beginning - with your posting key. Later, if you want to do transfers and similar things, you need your active key too.

thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@taxguy I am joining your referral on minnowbooster. Now how do I join my referral to my friends and where will I get my referral? Please say that.

Hi @sarminn sign into minnowbooster at www.minnowbooster.net then head to https://www.minnowbooster.net/users/sarminn and at the bottom your will see a referral code

thank you so much

wow!!! @minnowbooster what a nice innovation ,quite interesting ,sure will be part of the community.

Sometimes i got votedown by your system sir, why?

Hi @juoleuse you are welcome to pop by our discord and have someone in support investigate. Please request help in the #minnowbooster-help channel https://discord.gg/S37bYma

Alright thanks

Is there anyone who has got 400 SP with 1 STEEM?

why on earth do you ask that?

Isn't this supposed to mean 50 - 400 SP for 1 STEEM per week? Thanks

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Great idea, keep it up!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

hi @minnowbooster i miss understanding to write memo could you return back my SBD 0.700
please help me:(

Hi @fadhliyah Please come and chat to us on discord and we will try to assist. You can reach out to someone in #Minnowbooster-help channel https://discord.gg/S37bYma

This is very okay. Thank you

I had not noticed the link, I did not know it would bring me some benefit ... well, I'll start advertising to minnowbooster to get references ... hahaha

Very good services like sell your votes and Delegate your Steem powers to market

thanks a lot for this great opportunity you just presented to us. much love!

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

On behalf of everyone new to this community, I want to thank you for these initiatives to us. Many times it is difficult to get notoriety and support here, and you do it selflessly and I really appreciate it.
Btw I would like very much if you could read some of my posts ... I really put a lot of love and effort into them. I only ask that vote for me if I deserve it, but you would make me incredibly happy if you at least read it!
Receiving your support is like a dream to me
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

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