MinnowBooster : NelkelJDM's Important Bear Market Announcement for 2018 (Video)!

in minnowbooster •  20 days ago

Hi everyone, @NelkelJDM here with another amazing video brought to you by the guys behind @minnowbooster.

In today's video, I'd like to say a few things about current conditions in cryptocurrency markets and discuss a few recent comments we've received in posts from Steemians on @minnowbooster and @buildteam.

So, without making you wait any further, here's a short video produced by yours truly:

I hope this video lightened your mood a little. If you have any more questions or feedback for us please go ahead and leave a comment below or get in touch with us via discord.

Thanks for watching and thanks for your support!

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My antivirus detected a phishing website while surfing on minnowbooster .net.
I confirmed it a second time.

It says the page where it came from is herokucdn. Maybe they injected something into your page?


I tried it again now and it did not happen again. Did you change something?


the whole sites effed up. yesterday withdrawals and/or deposits were disappearing and still not showing up. There's node lag today, but I'm not trusting the site until someone from @minnowbooster makes a post explaining what is going on and how they're fixing it.


On discord they explain that the node is resyncing but that it takes more time. Every action, payout and delegation request is in the queue and will happen when the resync is done.


UPDATE: it is blocked again by my antivirus software... pls answer this comment.

A lot of hungry minnows are requesting SP leasing but they are only offering a low interest,can someone fix it?


hallo sir 4 hour ago i send 1 sbd but you can not upvote my post

plz chak - https://steemit.com/coin/@powerupme/my-old-coin-list-part-3


2 days ago i send 1 sbd but you can not vote my post . back my sbd


Hello! In two hours I did not get an upwind.
Transfer 0.400 SBD to minnowbooster https://steemit.com/life/@bammbuss/balkony-pervykh-etazhei

Hello! You have not forgotten about me?) I sent it, but there is no apowote.
Transfer 0.700 SBD to minnowbooster https://steemit.com/life/@bammbuss/balconies-of-the-first-floors


Hello! You have not forgotten about me?) I sent it, but there is no apowote.
Transfer 0.200 SBD to minnowbooster https://steemit.com/life/@bammbuss/pita-s-morozhenym

Hey. Has this booster stopped working?

@minnowbooster just a heads up. You guys might have an error with your system or payouts. I've received three payments today that are only supposed to be daily. I love free steem and stuff but I want to make sure you guys know.

did the minnowbooster website die? transferred funds not showing, now website not loading. Is it dead?

HI, I delagated -41.374 STEEM to minnowbooster 7 days ago and the same day i clicked the link to undelagate my steem power because I changed my mind. Its been 7 days and i still have not received this back, can someone please look into this?

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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I should say - What is the future of Bitcoin. Yes, specifically I am saying Bitcoin only.

Undoubtedly, the currencies are making the profits. But is it Short Term. Are you killing your long-term plans for this short-term gain? Experts believe that now it is getting highly feasible for tech geeks to release their coin with any popular coin exchange like Cryptopiaor Binance. They simply put up the algorithm on Github. Post random tweets and promote using digital media.

Where is the Bitcoin Going? Bitcoin is the Future or is it a word now

Bitcoin is definitely the future. It is the mother of the crypto world and it is going to be the ruler as well. As per the block investor chain members of our orgorganizationTC holders are going to cherish in future.

Just think and analyze that where all bitcoin is going.

Companies are saying that Bitcoin will be Zero and are specifically selling their respective coins with Bitcoin.

Ripple CEO says that he is the future and Bitcoin was past. But when you go to purchase Ripple, you have to pay using BTC. Isn’t it strange.

This is true that the other currencies are good too. But you can not ignore this fact that Bitcoin is the future of all the crypto coins available in the market. China is imposing Ban on BTC mining. Situations like this might promote other country specific mining coins. You have to be intelligent enough to know the base of the coin. You will be able to make long term profits with that.

@minnowbooster can we again able to see all time high of BTC in this year ?


Why do people think that the future is predictible? The answer to this question might lighten or harm your mood, but it will say nothing for certain about the future and it will not make the future better or worse.

buy upvote : once you made a blacklist your income become less and many small investors ( members) kicked out by your ignorance from the cakes party ( thoses small investors were giving about 60% of your daily income) so your income is less and your daily payments become less and less to the people who supported you and still supporting you like me (by the way - you considdred me as a spammer and added me to the black list ) no problem.


by the way.... there ae now more than 50 listed voting service providers in steem bot tracker and more than 120 bots working undercover..... ghosts.....


repeat after me : bye bye minnowbooster --- the competition is now higher and you are losing.....

the red-rose

Hi there .
I've received this message 15 days ago but steem power hasn't returned to my account yet. What should I do?

I don't want to continue with a new delegation.


Me 2 I also sent 1.60 sbd to minnow boster butt I didnt get any upvote

Having started on the Steemit platform at the start of the year, I am actually ok with these prices as it has given me time to buy STEEM at attractive prices to power up for the future. The future is bright!


I got in autumn last year, but I've never bought any Steem, so I've never cared about its dollar value, since I'm not selling any anyways. GO BRIGHT FUTURE:D

I just paid you 0.05SBD, but your upvote value done on my post is very low ,please refund my money ,i dnt want your upvote?

flowers-background-butterflies-beautiful-87452.jpegNice post sir

@minnowbooster bro upvote my post and cmnt

I sent you sbd but didn't receive ur upvote . Kindly check .

hi minnowbooster why i have not get upvote from you when i have sent 0.499 SBD for you.
if you can not upvote why not refunded my funds
Thank you for your understanding



good night that happens with my delegation, did not go out in the market


hi guys i need some help with memo format

Sent 0.060 sbd about 2 hours back. No reply No vote! already been to discord with this. Please respond.
The url for promotion : https://steemit.com/worldcup/@sarez/in-the-lighter-vein

Great informetion thanks

Cool, thanks for sharing.

@minnowbooster You are really looking very professional

I am give you SBD but you don't give any upvote @minnowbooster

Before21 hour ago I send you 0.550 sbd .you donot upvote me.plz return sbd 0.550 me.

I sent in 50 SBD last night and no vote or refund

sent 3 SBD 3 hours ago and no vote or return. Thanks!


Same problem here. Smaller amount but still not nice.

Good afternoon, recharge my balance on your website, and I still do not reach my balance, it's been 3 hours ... I never had, your service is efficient, I hope you can load my balance soon. Thank you

Didn’t receive my delegation payout yesterday, is there a glitch?

There are several reports of people not getting their votes myself included. Is everything okay?


Same with me, i send yedterday 20 sbd

hey I recently sent some sbd to you but didn't received upvote . kindly check

@minnowbooster I didn't get your response till now.
Please look at my concern. :)

Hi, I sent 2 SBD to upvote 2 articles one hour ago and I haven't received any upvote so far. Please check it. Thanks

hello i want to buy steempower but I dont have Steem in my account I have Steem Dollar in my account please tell me how to buy Steem Power with Steem Dollar

Just to add to the comments regarding a vote. Sent 2 SBD on one post, then another 3 SBD on another post with no vote. If your system is down, it would be great if you can just return the sent in amounts. Thanks!

Hello, appears to be issue with minnowbooster, when logging in get There was an error with your request:
Internal Server Error

Might be temporary or me? but thought Id give heads up

@minnowbooster sir 10hour ago i sending 1sbd with this link
But i don't get upvote yet..Can you cheak it plz.. thanks sir for your service

11 hours ago i send 3.259 SBD with this link https://steemit.com/steemhunt/@scorpionking/sensorama-understanding-sensor-data-on-your-ios-devices
neither i did received upvote nor refund please resolve this issue.

adding to the list of sent with no vote or refund
Coin transfer to @minnowbooster (3.000 SBD)
[Open your wallet]
Recipient: @minnowbooster
Amount: 3.000 SBD
Memo: https://steemit.com/vehiclephotography/@tattoodjay/vehicle-photography-james-william-tug-boat-on-the-east-river
Time: 2018-07-06T21:12:24

I did not get upvote for https://steemit.com/steemhunt/@scorpionking/sensorama-understanding-sensor-data-on-your-ios-devices
Although I receive message from you that "You got an upgoat that will be done by airbud23. We detected an open value of 1.28$, worth 0.688 SBD in send and refunding that! Request-Id: 1359492"

Hello can you pls check this, i send 20 SBD (what is a lot for me) to get promotion vote, but i did not recived vote.

Its been a day I haven't got any upvote . I sent u sbd yesterday but no response from ur side

why bro?

Upvote me

I have requested for a upvote from 2 days ago but no upvote received from minnowbooster. If they have any problem, they should be refund our balance or notify us

Hello! You have not forgotten about me?) I sent it, but there is no upvote.
Transfer 0.080 SBD to minnowbooster
upvote from balance: https://steemit.com/animalphotography/@sajkus/miejski-obserwator with request-id: 1359647

You didn't upvote for me, but SBD didn't return it to me


Come to our discord server for support! We can investigate your case in more detail with more information.