MinnowBooster - MinnowMoji Competition Results - Part 2!

Hey everybody! This is @beekart here with the final results of our MinnowMoji contest.

We were pleased to announce the first 5 winners the other day and now get ready because we are now ready to announce the final 5 winners of MinnowMoji!

There were so many wonderful minnows to choose from again, please don't feel bad that your minnow wasn't selected! There could have been 20 or even 50 winners!

I'd just like to remind readers one more time about the rules of structure contest:

  • BuildTeam has put aside a budget of 100 Steem to be given to prize winners.

  • In order to make this contest more fun we have decided that instead of picking one winner we would like to reward as many of you as possible so with that in mind we have broken the prize pool into 10 seperate prizes of 10 Steem each.

  • This means there will be 10 winning minnow faces but before you discount this let us explain further.

  • If you create 3 minnow faces using the template above you have the chance to win up to 3 times which will result in you receiving a prize of (30) Steem!

By entering this competition, participants hereby assign @minnowbooster the right of use of their designs for both commerical and non-commercial applications.

If you didn't see it last time, check out the short video about MinnowMoji by the amazing @velimir:

The Final Winners of the MinnowMoji Competition!

The following are the final 5 minnows we have chosen as winners of this contest.

Please note that the order of the winners announced is random and doesn't mean that we think one of these fine minnows is any better than the others that were found worthy of a prize!

1.) @guri-gure - Salivatingly Amazed (10 Steem)

2.) @knowhow - The Opportunistic Pirate (10 Steem)

3.) @photographeraceh - Cool Dude - Right (10 Steem)

4.) @katalinaooma - The Mummy Minnow - Left (10 Steem)

5.) @Katalinaooma - The Egyptian Pharaoh Minnow - Middle (10 Steem)

Winners must drop by our discord room and provide us with the hi-res file for future use. After which point payment will be made promptly!

Once again, it was a lot of work trying to figure out which of these minnows deserved a prize and if you didn't win with any of your minnows don't despair! We had such a great time running this contest we plan to run another creative contest soon!

Thanks for participating in MinnowMoji and making this such an amazing event!

Why choose @Minnowbooster?

Minnowbooster strives to provide a truly investor-class model for Steem investors who are either not good at curating content or do not have the time or inclination to do so and would prefer to earn a "Masternode like" competitive APR return on investment with daily payouts, and simultaneously empowering the community and stimulating the attention economy of the Steem blockchain.

Thank you again for your continued support as we work on providing the most socially beneficial toolset on Steem.

Our team will continue to move forward to equip you with the services you need to succeed on Steem!

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Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

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Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

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Profit Always Guaranteed! Varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send.

$5.81 upvote for 4.1 SBD sent, it's not profitable, guys :(

awesome job keep it up.

It looks interesting!

@Minnowbooster I was using your service, I used my very basic computer programming skills to help me buy bids, I sent hundreds of dollars to your service and you black listed me and stole the money I was sending. Why would you steal from me when you have so much money?

Also, I read through the entire minnowbooster site and I found nothing stating that I cannot send more than XX.XX amount of SBD. I know there is a limit of 20 SBD per post, and 40 SBD per day, so I followed those guidelines.

Great post.i appreciate your contest.
Thanks for sharing valuable post

@minnowbooster Have a look and accept my entry as well emojis.png

What a success, congratulations to the winners!

Oh, WOW, thank you so much for choosing my Egyptian style MinnowMojis! ^^
Congratulation to the other winners! ^^
It was an honor and great fun to participate in this contest! Thank you once again for this opportunity!

Wow! Congratulations to the winners!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

In order to make this contest more fun we have decided that instead of picking one winner we would like to reward as many of you as possible so with that in mind we have broken the prize pool into 10 seperate prizes of 10 Steem each.
It should be separate instead of seperate.

Extremely sad as I wasnt winner 😢 however hard work pays off at last lets hope positive 😊

Loving your posts lately. Keep them coming!

Those emojis are really cute! It's good you guys thought of this kind of contest. I hope to see more of this in the future and hopefully your system and improve much better. Congratulations on the winners!

I upvoted and resteemed. I am in.
Life gets busy sometimes. We all go thru that. Lol

one highly motivated performance for the best for all of us.@minnowbooster


Whoa! Thank you for choosing one of my designs!
This was a very cool contest! Thank you for the opportunity!

Well congrats to the winners. But how do you choose a winner twice?? W


Go back and read the contest rules :)

Excuse me, I just want to know if I did something wrong because I made my contribution on time, I think you did not notice it. ¿Have you never seen my proposals or I was disqualified for publishing separate MinnowMojis?

This was my entry : https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@minnowbooster/minnowbooster-minnowmoji-competition-win-a-share-of-100-steem#@camiloferrua/re-minnowbooster-minnowbooster-minnowmoji-competition-win-a-share-of-100-steem-20180323t054424756z

thanks a lot. It's very much helpful and keep it up!

It's a very good post...!!! thanks

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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wow is amazing, I am not a design expert, it is very sad that I can not participate in this content.
a very interesting post

I saw this contest n was willing to take part but couldn't :( congratulations to the winners. Better luck next time for me !

Sir I have sent sent you 1.000 Steem for one week delegation "Steem Power" Three days ago But not get "Steem Power" nor return steem.

Thanks you my post

Very nice

  1. Baby Minnow 2. Punk Minnow 3. Dameged Minnow

classy post..appreciate you..i like your post..

awesome job keep it up.