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Hello and greetings to all our new as well as old readers! We want to take a few minutes and talk about various ongoing community-related projects, by Buildteam/Minnowbooster and its affiliates.

While we see many bloggers leaving Steemit due to low post rewards and depressed cryptocurrency prices and try their luck elsewhere, we want to ask - what better place to find support from communities?

Your first step as a new blogger on Steem is to write posts that you are proud of, posts that you can show to your family, or at your workplace.

The next link in the chain is start interacting. Read, offer insights, comment - but always keep the comment relative to the original blog, never succumb to posting generic low-value comments.

Do this and after a while, you might notice being connected to some communities, who share interests with you. You will see the rewards increase for the time you have put in your post and you realize that you are not alone on Steemit any more. Here, the real journey starts.

What better way to grow together with your community than support each other's quality content?

None, so guild up!

One of Buildteam's sub-projects, Steemvoter, has advanced to the next stage.

While you can still use the previous and thoroughly tested Steemvoter, we invite you to test out the new, sleek and improved Steemvoter Beta, which is currently in beta status, but it's already earning its patches.

One of the most asked for features of the new Steemvoter is Guilds. The Guilds feature will allow you to set curators, whose actions you can follow as by following the guild itself. Take a look at all these like-minded communities and groups making use of the Guilds feature:

Sounds complicated? Not really.

Essentially the Guilds feature will allow you to: vote on each of the guild members' posts, trail guild leader's votes, or even upvote blog posts, that are resteemed by the guild leader (curator).

But talk is cheap - check out the guilds feature, while it's in beta and open for everyone, at beta.steemvoter.com

Communities ask for more de-centralized control

With a myriad of low value posts coming in the door every minute, we've been for a while rolling out communtity-managed whitelist updates for another of Buildteam affiliates - Minnowbooster.

What is the community-managed whitelist? By introducing the whitelist, we're hoping to push back low quality content from the frontpage and replace with genuine, quality authors, who deserve some visibility. The community-managed whitelist is invite-only and growing daily.

Well, how does one get on the whitelist? It's rather easy actually - all you have to do is blog decent quality content and sooner or later, people will notice you and invite you to the whitelist. This, however, doesn't guarantee you an immediate spot on the whitelist - you'll need 5 clean accept votes from other whitelisted members as well, to be accepted.

Should you be accepted to the community-managed whitelist(we'll notify you with a transfer to your Steem wallet), you can start enjoying bigger availability and more profitable upvotes, as well as you can start inviting other quality authors to the whitelist.

The community-managed whitelist is our effort for a better quality Steemit. Come, vote on applicants and do your part!


Oh, and did we mention there is a bonus? By correctly inviting and voting quality authors to the whitelist, you earn a small % profit from their future upvotes, paid by Minnowbooster. Is there any reason to still delay being part of our community?

We'll help even more

Due to many people being discouraged to blog right now, we'll run a one-time promotion, to find quality authors and perhaps kick-start their career in Steemit blogging.

If you know of a valuable authors, who has been writing interesting and quality content for at least 2 months, yet is still receiving shamefully low appreciation for his/her efforts, please nominate them in the comments section.

After a week, we will choose one, who our team likes most, and reward him with our Steemvoter "quality authors guild" vote on one his posts. Perhaps that will motivate more authors to bring their A-game - depending on the popularity of this promotion, we might run similar contests in the future as well.

Big votes are not only for whales! If someone deserves it, let us know!

Want to help out?

Minnowbooster and other Buildteam subsidiaries are convinced that change starts from within, so our goals include a better image for ourselves and for Steemit.

If you believe that Steemit needs a mindset change, you can help us out on our journey.

If your Steem Power is sitting idle, you can delegate some of it to Minnowbooster, to help support authors, via this link:


Or you can opt-in to support the Steemvoter Quality Authors Guild here: SV Curation Guild

Thank you for your participation!



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We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!


This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the Steemvoter.com bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam brand and sister project to @steemsports, @btuniverse and @minnowbooster.


We believe in steemit, from we know steemit could let the oportunity to share our knowledge in foraging practices, we are here posting, or try to share with the people a valid and interesting information about this practice, about the farm, about the food, about how do you could going to the mountain to find fruit, plant, mushroom that you could eat, admired their beautiful and finally how do you cook it, for in a hungry time or in a necessity, or when you do not have money for buy food for give to your family you easily could go to the forest and get for you and your family some plants animals and fruit for calm the hungry in difficult time.
this platform teach me that I am not alone, a lot of people think similar to me, to enjoy the foraging art.
i am very grateful with your support and thank you so much for let me be part of your whytelist, I am very happy with this, and for this reason we always should try to develop original and useful contents to others.
have a great day and thanks for work for us.
Best Regard @galberto, from El Salvador Central America.

I nominate @lilixblack.

I would nominate @yanyanbebe, she did write awesomely with the travel journey.

How amazing things! Thanks for sharing a lot of info on how to be noticed and I loved the support offered by @minnowbooster. I hope many community leaders will follow as we need to keep motivating quality writers. I am happy with what I am earning.

Well, I would like to nominate @lindahas . She mostly writes fiction stories. I am much confidence in her writing but I feel not okay to see her post is not noticed sometimes by good curators.

Not sure if I'm even allowed to nominate someone but what the heck.. @garethb

We'll review everyone who is nominamaded :)

I nominate myself as an unappreciated autor, am I on the white list now? :-)

You don't have any active posts to read and vote for! That makes it kind of difficult to appeciate your work. :)

Just as pointed out, you don't have any active posts, but we're hoping to see you more active on Steemit and take part in our future competitions and community projects!

There are many authors who do not get a good reward of their work..pretty hard to mention one......out of the few nomination already i belive they were already rewarded many a times ......how about putting anothwr criteria to it....like not rewarded (set a limit)in last 2 month....just an input on the lovely initiative

Posted using Partiko Android

That is true, many good authors are under the radar, but if we can help out even one, that's a good beginning. We have more contests and community projects upcoming with different scope, so there will be many more chances for everyone. Thanks for your comment!

Yes i saw such contest never ever happened ..by MB. A good begining..hope to see some more interesting one in coming days...where every contribution counts👍👍

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm also an unappreciated content creator on Steemit... I use bots to increase the visibility of my posts... But even that doesn't helps much

Keep grinding! Good luck on your journey!

Thank you :) It's not the money that matters the most but it is actually the support and appreciation that every content-creator seeks. It helps when people acknowledge your content.

I hope you’ll consider me as a possible candidate.

Thanks for your time!

what about us and our sister organizations @xcwe4life and @totallyjusthell can we nominate ourselfs as unappreciated creators

You can nominate anyone! Well, we were hoping to get one nominee out of everyone, but we'll review them all nevertheless. Thanks!

I nominate @yhubi...He's a good writer in the science niche. He deserves more than what he is currently receiving as reward for posts. Great initiative @minnowbooster🔥

I wrote and posted a few good stories about health that could save people lives or from being hospitalized that could cost billion dollars in medical treatments, but my post seems underrated or unnoticed! Please read my last post that would help you or someone else who might have a dreadful illness.

@botefarm and @wonderwop are my nominations for under appreciated steemers. I know both of them from freewrite. They both post consistently with entertaining and unique content and both support steemit by resteeming and commenting.

I just can't thank you enough for this, am glad I met the freewrite community.

Me too! I always love your writing and other posts.

This is so amazing of you @fitinfun thank you so much. You're fabulous. 🙏

You deserve it :)

hello apologize friend will be that you can help me I need your help will be that you can help me with 2 or 1 style please I need it, thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience

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The significance of network can't be belittled in the crypto circle. The possibility of digital currency is to leave choice in the hands of the clients and proprietors and in that capacity the network. The people group is along these lines at risk for the choices it makes since it is the sole and essential recipient. Minnowbooster white-list venture exposed how essential network is indeed by calculating into thought the network before making their white rundown program. Minnowbooster white-list program as characterized by @raycoms in the principle declaration article was intended to empower quality substance makers on the Steem blockchain to effectively clergyman and prep other quality substance makers with the objective of making an endorsed white-list made by Steemians for Steemians. This model considers each individual from the steem network and just the simple great scholars will have the chance to trend.Votes offering has turned into the request of the day and for this to advance on a smooth quick way we as a whole need to diminish nasty post from slanting. What's more, this is a cognizant exertion executed by the minnowbooster program. I am benefit to be a direct client of the white-list program and to impart to you how things truly go on.

Damn I can't Nominate :(

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