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RE: Good morning Steemit! Earn SBD or STEEM with Minnowbooster, Ethereum hardfork and market thoughts

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I'm on the other end of minnowbooster - I am leasing delegated sp and I'm so grateful to all who make it possible.

I used to vote at .01 for July and August and got nowhere here. Now I vote at about 12 cents and I get respect and action from my efforts. I outrank big fish on post payouts all the time now because they vote with weak power and at low percent on the slider.

I vote at 100% and make each vote count. This has been a big difference. It costs me about 30 STEEM per month and my sp doubled from 60 to 120 in sept and I know it will do better in October. My new followers and all other measures of my performance have increased dramatically. [excpet my own post payouts, but I'm working on it!]

I wish I would have leased delegated sp as soon as I had the sbd to do it and I recommend this to all new minnows who care about upvoting, curation, rewards and sp.


Thank you!

You are a prime example of what leasing SP from minnowbooster is about.

If you make a post about it, please tag me so I can resteem it.

tip! 5

I will! Thank you for that offer and I really should do a post. I appreciate the push. It's an easy way the big guys can help and a huge difference to the little minnows :)

Wow! That's so amazing. What a fantastic boost. Thank you so much :) This makes my steeming day.

Thank you, i'm also looking forward to that post. Thumbs up!