Is Minnowboostet A Thief ! ? Find out why !

in #minnowbooster3 years ago

Hello dear steemians,
I have delegated small ammount of spd to minnowbooster, I was just experimenting with it, and made it small amount.

Now after long Year, still I am un able to undelegate from them, I have seen some posts on how to undelegate, but I get an error, which I assume that they change quite often on how to undelegate, because I am computer student, and there is something not right about minnow booster.

Before joining them I was able to make numbers above 0 !, but now it is allways 0.001 or 0.004

I no longer need triple zero digits, can some one help me ?

And I have contacted with them, but they don't ever answer, that got me suspicious about their needy greedy undelegate proccess .


I hope they are not a scam. Are you still receiving payouts?

Look when I upvoted for you, it is 0.00 still!.

And my steemit account is at 42 points, before I delegated to them, it had value, now they just drained my steem power and used it for their benifit.

Should I give them this account and open a new one, after all it is in 1$ range !

I agree that they are not totally scam, but undelegating is something that they won't let you, either changing the process so often that you can't find an updated how to.

I am receiving 0.0002$
So it is like those scam apps that promise people they will earn money when they reach 100 while they recieve 0.0000000008
That means it will never reach.

Honestly, I supported them, and I don't say they are totally scam, but one should have the freedom to undelegate when ever he wants !, that will atract more people like me " experimenting "

But not the other way around.

And thanks for replying.

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