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I used @minnowbooster for the first time today and I am very happy with the results.

As you might know, I buy upvotes from @randowhale and @booster on regular basis. At the moment, not so much from @randowhale as the rewards are not too good at the moment.

@minnowbooster works like @randowhale. You pay 1 SBD and your get your upvote almost immediately. You are limited to 1 SBD x 7 per week. I am not sure what the limits are with @randowhale

So this morning I decided to give @minnowbooster a try. I tried it on a post that is 5 days old. Normally I will do it on a 6 day old post that is close to 7 day pay out, but 12 hours before 7 days are reached.

My pay out was $0.64 before the upvote. After the upvote it was $2.39. This will change with the price of Steem going up and down until day 7. So that means I paid $1 and got $1.75 back. $0.75 profit and will get most of that paid back to me in 2 days time. That is a great return.

So currently it is absolutely worth it. Just take note of how much voting power Minnowbooster has when you use the service. When I used it, it was on 64%. I expect this to go down as Minnowbooster becomes more popular like @randowhale.

Check the voting power here:

@booster works differently. @booster waits until his voting power is 100% before he votes. This is every 2.4 hours. Everyone that paid in the previous 2.4 hour gets a pro rate portion of the vote. So it 2 people paid for upvote, Member A paid $4 and Member B paid $6, Member A will get 40% of the upvote and Member B will get 60% of the upvote.

Here is a post how to use Minnowbooster:

Here is a post how to use @randowhale:

Here is a post how to use @booster:

@minnowbooster has much more features like leasing voting power from @minnowbooster. You can also delegate voting power to @minnowbooster and earn rewards from doing that. But I have not tested these features yet.

Current parameters of @minnowbooster:

I highly recommend you try @minnowbooster out. His voting power is still high at the moment so you should get very good return on your $1.

Please give us an Upvote if you think this info was helpful. It will help my online business a lot and I hope to return the favour in the near future.

Thank you. :)

PS. Hot tip 1, Remember don't upvote this post if older than 7 days, you are wasting your voting power!
PPS. Hot tip 2, when buying upvotes, do it on day 6, but 12 hours before 7 days max.

Thank you for your support.


Colin Brazendale

Email: [email protected]

More information about me:

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Go to my wallet tab and see what I am doing. Also follow the links in the post for more info.


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@colinbrazendale got you a $1.99 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@colinbrazendale got you a $1.99 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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