Minnow TIME! Hammer Time!

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Can't touch this da na na na ♪

Guess what, GUESS WHAT?

I'm a Minnow woohoo!

Today is a really good day, not only have I become a minnow, but I have also sold my house! OH YEAH BABY!

So with real good reason to celebrate; A toast to all you fine people out there! May you too enjoy this day and... and.. and... well... party on!


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Oh wait! I forgot something!

Don't go, not just yet....

Now what was it that I was forgetting... Hm... Let me think.... think, think, think....

Oh YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. How could I forget! I forgot all about you guys!

Nah, of course I didn't. Look between you and me, I told you not to do it, hey, don't look at me, you went ahead and did it anyways. Pfff all that supporting and upvoting on my posts, resteeming and connecting... yeah you know who you are. pffff.

Because of you all, ya, I blame all of you... Oh you need names? Well fine... here's a few!

Let's start with @eonwarped. Mmhmm. I'm pointing at you! You are the first to have sent me a delegation because of bandwidth problems. Loosening up the chains and letting me comment and all that good shit. Pfff. Oh and then you even commented on my posts and even enjoyed the one post I wrote about that chocolate saltines recipe. You know, that how to... And look at you now... Don't think I'll ever forget you.

The second is @spiritualmax. Spiritual, SPIRITUAL! Man, if you were less of a genius, I would be able to say more to you. You're the second to delegate to me and pushed me far. Dude, this distance relationship... it isn't going to work. They never do. But please, do visit, I like saying hi once in a while! I should visit too... (btw, how's the wedding planning?)

After that, it was @abh12345 that got in on it. With such a nicely... err disgustingly gesture, he made sure to delegate an amount that would make me a fake minnow, all the way till I actually became one. Way to make me follow the crowd there dude. Sheesh. Man that guy had real high hopes for me. So much that he gifted me 4 steem to push me that tiny bit that I was missing! Who does that. Kick in the ass and watch you fly! Btw... thank youuuuuu.

Then there's this woman. This girl who brought me here, decided to do the same. She got me hooked to steemit, and because of her I'm freakin addicted to this social media like a junkie stuck on crack! Sores and all! @earthmother, you sneaky woman, you. Wanting better for me all the time like if this was something better than facebook. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO GET ME ON HERE???? Oh wait... that was me being skeptical, nevermind. Big hugs, don't be mad.

@HELPIE! Everyone in Helpie. All you ... disgustingly fine looking people! How can you live with yourselves helping all those people. Like.. hm .. yeah.. that's ... that's .. oh wait, I'm a helpie too. Ahem So theres @carrieallen, @paintingangels, @bemblemaniac, wait... let me go check who else is there...




Oh, I forgot I was writing this post! ... There's @meno and @pechi, @futuremind, @jayna, @nickyhavey... Oh wait no, you're not there anymore.. oooooh ohohoohohohohhohohoooooooh wait till I get to you! You're in big trouble!
Ok I can't name them all in there cause there are just so many of you. You guys grow like a plague! What's up with that. Like the biggest freakin Discord channel there is! You guys even have this curation thing happening, manually curating people team. Oh yeah I'm on that too. Hm, well... I guess I can't say anything too bad then... but here is a secrete... thank you Don't have me say it twice. Miss it the first time and just too bad. I ain't so great at saying this thank you stuff.

No, of course I'm not trying to mention amazing people that have helped me get to where I am now. Did you see already who's mentioned? They are nothing less than amazing! Wait.... I said that wrong.

Ok. So there's this other big group. They have this two name thing cause they decided that Steemit wasn't enough for them. They use to call themselves #steemitbloggers and now they go under #powerhousecreatives. Why? Because they think growing everywhere is important and an awesome way to support. Like who ever thought that would work? And now look what's happening... I'm on freakin Twitter too! Can you believe it? Pffff. Ya right.... look at me being all social. eyeroll

They are pretty sick people too. @jaynie, what a boss, she's got this boot thing going on (she has nothing to do with my story series I've started fyi), so get on her good side just incase, that shit is scary. But with CLASS! Man that girl has it going on!

And then there is @zord189. This guy is all up in his head. I mean, he is always thinking, always busy, always doing something good. Disgusting, I know. But wait for the juicy details. Get closer so I can let you in on a little secret.

He and Jaynie, they have this thing going on, the more you do, the more they support. Like, who the heck does something like that! Who has time for that!???

There are all these people that line up like zombies at a brain buffet. They are all doing the same thing, this mass support like if they are brainwashed do-gooders.
Ugh again I'm in that system but, I'm no zombie... I'm not, honest! I just can't prove it to you right now. Wide eyed blinking

And all this happened because of Jaynie and Zord. Gathered them all like cattle!

There are a few in there that I can prove that are. Just, just look at the list: @fionasfavourites, @rebeccabe, @plantstoplanks, @cheese4ead, @wales, @quillfire, @jayna (OMG shes plagued and zombied, RUN!), @d00k13, @bluemist, @bengy, and on and on and on! OH man! @abh12345 is here too! No wonder!
These guys and everyone in #powerhousecreatives support like no ones business.

Alright so back to this Nicky guy. This guy is just full of it. FULL OF IT! Wondering what he is full of? Full of that glittery joy that makes you take his suggestions like a message from god. He's got this talent, like this thing that lights up like a lightbulb, it's hard to explain. Like one day you say something and never think about writing it and then DING! Here comes Nick out of thin air and says, write about it. Just DO IT!
You wonder if it's a good idea to do something? Ask Nick, and guess what he'll say: HECK YA! And be all over it like white on rice. Trust me, it works, he's done it to me and now look, I've got a 6 part story series going on, I wrote a post he encouraged me to write and I got a nice amount of support and feedback on it and the stories too btw. If it weren't for him (and a few others with their encouraging zombie habits) I wouldn't have made it to minnow today. Saying thank you wouldn't be enough to cut through the pain and suffering I had to endure through all this freaking love and caring stuff that you share. But still, thank you.

Man I wish I could give you guys shit more than this but I can't, I just can't cause you guys are all too good for me. I'm the one who is plagued and zombied, all being cured by your glittery joyous shit, like that unicorn that shits out rainbows.

Thanks guys, I got a lot more color happening in my gothic black and white world. <3 <3

OMG! How could I forget the rest of you that are not in these communities? Of course I haven't, are you joking? Jesus, I love you guys. @dandays, @puravidaville <= lovely couple there, go support!! GAWD my brain is going to explode cause I just can't come up with naming everyone! Another important one is all of those that made the Ultimate Crochet Contest happen. @crocheille, @artemisnorth, and all of you contestants. You guys and girls are awesome!

Now to the rest of you wanting to become a minnow, read the damn post! The message here is to connect with people, join communities and make this place worth your stay. Write great posts and celebrate every time you get a stinking comment!

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What an absolutely hilarious testimony on your road to minnowhood! Haha! Welcome to this new world and it's great to see all the connections you've made. For a goth, you aren't half happy are you? 😂

Stop. Minnow time!

You're welcome for the support and happy to give a push where it's needed. Sod the doubts, grab the bull by the horns and go for it!

And remember:

Squuuueeeeroarrrrr 😀

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No no no no. See that's what you get for a hyper goth (your were spot on) who has kids. Whatever mix that makes you get... this.

Stop. Minnow time!

:DDDD hahahahaha!

I am thankful that you did, look where it got me! <3 <3 Grabbing the bull, grabbing the bull, grabbing the bull. Great mantra! :p

Foxy tiger sounds are often weird but that one there.... SQUUUUUEEEEEROOOOOAARRRRRRR! I feel better now ;)

Great post @foxyspirit! Congrats on the accomplishment, as it is no small feat. And so nice how you give out the kudos to those who helped you along the way.

Now ... 🎯 For the next target ... 🎯

🐬 On to dolphinville! 🐬


Thank you ^_^ It is definitely no small smeat, yet a small mountain to climb compared to the rest.

Dolphinville straight ahead! :D

Congrats! I thought you might want to know, I think you misspelled @futuremind
Cheers! 🥂

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Thanks ^_^

I fixed it. Thank you so much for spotting that! :D

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Wahahahahahaha! what a brilliant post @foxyspirit and congratulations on Minnowhood.

Well, well deserved. Keep it up!

PS Now write the serious post on how you got there - I was serious when I said that peeps (like me) could learn from it!


Thank you ^_^ I'm glad you liked it.

I was actually aiming to go for a serious post. I just didn't have it in me to do it. I was having a really good day, everything made me smile and laugh and well, that's what happens. Although the ending speaks for everything I have done.
The only thing different is, I don't have a niche. I write about what I think is worth writing about. And sometimes that didn't get me very far, but still did. I didn't write posts every day either, sometimes I would skip a week even. A post that is pushed to get out, doesn't always turn out to be the greatest, and people can feel that when reading. I could say write a post every day twice a day but that's not me. Probably why it took me so long lol. The best thing is to just get out there, talk with everyone, comment a lot, join communities. Things pick up naturally from there :)


I was having a really good day, everything made me smile and laugh

Good :D

I write about what I think is worth writing about. And sometimes that didn't get me very far, but still did.

Exactly what I've been doing. Not sure whether or not I have a niche. I have a loooong way to get to minnow and wish I could be on the platform more. Perhaps I should play less on discord LOL

I am happy to let things grow organically as they do.....

Next step: Dolphin


No I like seeing you in Discord :p

I am happy to let things grow organically as they do

I am with you on that! xx

Yay!! Congrats @foxyspirit! Minnow! Minnow! Minnow!!

Many congratulations, here's to the next 4500!

Nice Shaun of the Dead giff.


Thank you kind sir! Shaun all the way man! Best movie ever :D

  ·  last month (edited)

Wait, but what about your garden? And what are you gonna do with all 10 kids?? You’re gonna have to let minnow get it? what your next move there’s another one is. 😉

Congratulations, Foxy. I’m proud to be mentioned amongst such respectable people—I’m glad we met!

Does that mean I’m in your clique? Oh, so we’re cliquey now huh?? 🤔


HAHA! You crack me up! Keep em coming!

Thank you and ya absolutely! I'm stoked that we met, you and your wife! Let's get those clickers out dude!


I couldnt find anything for clickers lol not an easy thing to find lol


Really?! Cuz I saw that gif and was “such a perfect click gif!”


:D That's you and your wife and I'm photobombing in the back :D

Now that is how you do a shout-out post! :D :D

Just scanning the comments and at 28 minutes it appears you have missed no-one above, well done!

Now to the rest of you wanting to become a minnow, read the damn post! The message here is to connect with people, join communities and make this place worth your stay. Write great posts and celebrate every time you get a stinking comment!

Amen, especially to the stinking comments. Alright, 5000 SP next, enjoy the ride!


Haha! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

And a great thanks for your helping and for how long you have too ^_^

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😂clever post! and congrats on reaching minnow👍


Thanks ;)

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


congrats on the milestone! Great to see you around! 💙
Manually curated by @eonwarped.


Thanks! Much appreciated xxx ^_^

  ·  last month (edited)


Congrats Foxy. It should have come sooner. :-)



Thank you @quillfire ^_^ It took all the time it needed :)

Congratulations @foxyspirit!!! You deserve this!!! And I know that this kind of post would take forever to finish writing because you have so many people to thank in this journey!!! Thank you for including #powerhousecreatives part of your awesome journey. Cheers to being dolphin next? Hehehhe


Thank you @zord189!

It was hard to not include everyone. But the best part in all this, is when people come to comment and I don't have them mentioned in my post, I can still personally thank them for their support. That part is pretty cool.

It would be a shame to not include PHC, it's a place of magic like you wouldn't believe. Well you could cause you also run the place lol.

Cheers! And onwards to being a dolphin! :D


Hehe, it is HARD!!! And sometimes you get so afraid leaving someone out too. Crypto is definitely the future so we'll be here for a good while :)


Damn right I do!

But what you said here... Thank God! :P

lol. You crack me up Foxy. It is funny watching your thoughts unpack on to this post. Well done for hitting minnow, you deserve the success that you get. I'm sure you will get lots more.

Keep making us laugh and needing the odd cold shower! 😂



Oh what a relief to read your comment! I thought it maybe would have gone sour :D

Thank you Gaz! That means a lot, and thank you for everything that you have done, through your support, your commenting and being a friend. I feel like I should have written so much more in this post about every single one of you but honestly, I can get more personal in the comments.

Thanks for being there! You are one awesome possum! :D

And you are welcome. I try to deliver ;)


Why sour?

Thank you too, you're pretty awesome yourself! 😁


Incase people didn't get the humor ^_^

Thanks my cheesy forehead man! :P ;)


Right, that's it! You're in my bad books now. @fockseyspirite :p


fockseyspirite eh? Ok, ok... ** It's ON now!** Just let me get some jelly beans first :p



Wow... That's a stream of consciousness post there... I'm not sure exactly what just happened!


What I'm saying is thank you. A funny way of showing how grateful I am for the massive supports that got me where I am today, a minnow. All in good humor of course :p

Congratulations on reaching the minnow milestone @foxyspirit! And what a very cool tribute post, too!


Thank you my friend! I had a lot of fun writing it but stressed out about missing people. Hard thing to write you know. ;)

hehehe congrats honey!!! xoxoxo


Thank you, thank you :D xx

Great news! I wonder how long, it would take me to be a minnow too? perhaps next century?hahahahaha


Well it took me a year and some lol. Just keep connecting with people and writing your posts, Power up everything if you can. You'll get there, just takes time like everything else :)

Congrats! Keep going you will be a dolphin soon.


Thanks @rebeccabe! xxx

Congratulations, very happy for you. You are going to be dolphin soon enough...

Could not resist sharing this FoxyDolphin version ;)



HAHAHAAAAAAAAA! oh man! I love it! :D How did you make that??? So cute!

Thank you ^^ It's been a great ride so far ^^


Found it on internet, just like I found FoxyWhale. I do like this one more



Awwwwwwwwww thats so nice! I had no idea there would be things like this on the internet! Time to start surfing ^_^


You get a slider now... Well in the old days when it was just Steemit, getting a vote slider was a bigger deal lol.


Without having any delegations, it would suck not having a slider. I totally get it how it would be a big deal. It's like freedom!

Thank you and thanks for popping by :)

Minnow woohoo...

Hey @foxyspirit
Congrats on both (selling the house and reaching minnowhood)!
I don't know about the first, but you definitely deserved becoming a minnow. (You probably deserved the first one too, lol)

Glad to see you're still going strong! Keep it up!


Hey there! Thank you :D

Definitely a good day a relief with both things. Great accomplishments were had ^_^

Thank you, and thank you so much for your support as well!

Congratulations!! Yay I’m so excited for your achievement! It was always a pleasure supporting the Ultimate Crochet Contest! 😘


Thank you ^_^ <3 <3

Congratulations on the "minnowhood" my friend!
You deserve it!


Thank you ^_^

Congratulations on your Minnowhood. Nice tribute to all the fishies who helped you learn to swim. :-)


Thanks! Definitely got to call out everyone in the ocean as we wouldn't be much of an ocean without them :D

Huge congrats on your newly minnowed status AND the sale of your house! Big things are happening for you!!! :-)


It's a huge thing! It's awesome!

Congrats dear i i couldnt agree more CONNECT PEOPLE CONNECT !


Thanks! And yep connecting is the way to go. It's a social platform afterall :D

A house and a minnow all in one day. That's pretty exciting.

This is the best happy-to-be-a-minnow post I've read. I like your style :)




Very exciting. And a huge relief.

I'm glad you like it ^_^ It isn't too fun if it's not so entertaining. And couldn't miss the opportunity to call people plagued and zombies :P

Thanks for coming by, I like seeing you around ^_^