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Ajewole Bamidele Eniola by name a Nigerian and a Christian. Am dark in complexion and a graduate of The Polytechnic Ibadan. I studied Music Technology. My major instrument in school was Voice Major while the keyboard was my Minor instrument.

Am an easy going person, I dislike honesty and deceit. Am not the type that discriminate, because I see everyone as my friend and family. And that's one of the reason i joined steemit. Though am still learning and I get to meet great and wonderful steemains each day which has helped me socialize more than I could ever imagined.

My journey to steemit has been fun so far. Kudos to my friend who's been such a great mentor to me ever since my journey began. He's been helping me out to joined contest and putting me through whenever I made mistake with my write ups. Steemit has opened my eyes to a lot of things I never thought I would have known.

Discovering this great platform
I got to know about steemit from a friend of mine (@sistem) in December 2017, but I never took it serious as I thought it was just one of those online scams we have aroud and at the end I won't get access to make withdrawals. Along the line when my friend @sistem told me his friend @tolusxt was able to withdraw a huge amount of money and that motivated me by putting more effort and hopefully to get Mine pretty soon. Well, ever since then he's been my mentor and am enjoying the ride as well.

The journey so far
My journey so far on steemit has been worth-while. Having made couple of post and few upvote and commented on other people's post. but as its always been with minnows on steemit, being discovered was my greatest challenge.
Great people I have met on this great platform
I have come to meet a lot of great men and women on this platform who impacted my life and gave me a new perception about life. I will start by recognizing @runicar, the great brain behind this contest. I haven’t had a chance to chat or make comment by getting to know more about her but am pretty sure she is a great person with a big heart. That's why am here writing this. Another person I would love to recognize here is @queenerica the ever gorgeous lady the most beautiful lady ever also one of the best friend i met on steemit. My one and only "Crush". I won’t forget to mention @unlimited921 for been a wonderful brother, such a gentle and kind hearted person. Also to my wonderful brother from another mother @sistem the person who introduced me to steemit will forever remain grateful for your kind gesture. If I keep writing about the great people I have met on steemit and how they have impacted my life individually, I might get to write a whole journal so I will just list them out to show my appreciation through this medium. I would love to appreciate @tyrexie @Dreamchaser @karenmckersie, @stellabelle,@ehiboss @dante31 @sistem @tolusxt and so many others. Wanna use this medium to say a big THANK YOU to you all for making my stay on steemit most exciting and lovely.

Amazing groups I have come in contact with since I joined steemit
When I first joined steemit, @airhawk-project provided a home for me here. They made me feel like I already had a family on steemit and it has been really fun with the since then. Among others are @stach, @adsactly, @steemnaira, @steembees, etc.

Amazing adjustments that has happened to my life since I met steemit
Steemit improved my reading and writing skills. I used to be a very slow reader and my writing skill was nothing to write home about even though i love to read and write. But now, everything has changed, thanks to steemit.

Even though I love writing and interacting with people of different believes and cultures. There are times I find it difficult to deal with but steemit as really help me to archive that now.

Steemit has indeed changed my entire existence and I will forever be grateful to steemit…

Few of the links to my blogs as requrester by @runicar.



Thank you @runicar for this great opportunity to pour out my heart this much, I really do appreciate. Keep up the good work.

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Indeed steemit changes many lives not only because you earn but because you learn. =)
I welcome you to this platform and keep it up. =)

Yea, that's actually true. And have learnt alot over this past weeks. Thanks, I sure will

Welcome to Steemit jayfamous. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem/Steemit. The official FAQ can be found here and is quite extensive https://steemit.com/faq.html - Also, Steemit is just one of the sites using Steem the blockchain. We also have Dtube, Dsound and Steepshot if you prefer videos,music or pictures instead of blogging content. And many more of course!

Wow! That's lovely. Guess i'll have to take a tour by exploring those videos...thanks for having me as well.

Hello fellow Steemian .. I'm a newbie here. Please support me by following my blogs and I will follow yours as well . Hope we can be good friends.. Please check my introductory post. Thank you. Lovelots

Nice to meet you too. And yes! Already upvoted your post. Am impressed with your write ups. #tomzup