Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Which You Should Mine ?

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Whenever, we talk about cryptocurrency. One thing that always comes in our mind is minning.

But, which cryptocurrency we should mine and how profitable it is we don't know.

But, in this article i will bring you some most profitable cryptocurrency that everyone should mine without investing any extra money on new hardwares and graphics or mining rigs.

If you want to mine cryptocurrency with your existing hardwares, cpu, smartphones.

Our, first priority is:-

  1. Electroneum
    Electroneum runs on its own blockchain like bitcoin.
    You can mine electroneum with your mobile devices- Android & iOS which is very profitable. Even, you can mine it with your pc or laptop too.

  2. Litecoin
    Another, profitable cryptocurrency which have higher confirmation rates than bitcoin. And, it is a P2P currency which supports higher storage efficiency. Yoy, can mine litecoin with GPU & CPU.

  3. AEON

Most profitable minning currency for CPU. It gives 3x hashrate than GPU which gives only 2x hashrate.

Currently, i am minning electroneum with my 3 smartphones and 1 laptop using CPU.

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List have authentic currencies ,good post

Thanx man

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Sir mein AEON 10 month se hold kar rah 56000 santoshi par buy kiya h

Brother....hope bitcoin goes to 20K $ by December. Then, we all will be able to recover and make profits

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very slow mining by the app, i am using this app and mined 500 coin of ETN

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Right buddy... i am aware with electroneum.