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RE: Introduction to mining crypto [Getting Started]

in #mining5 years ago

wow, you just opened a big door for me to understanding a whole lot more! ok, so Im totally new, its really worth it, even downloading the Minergate? I guess that what you are saying :-) I will check out your other post too for Monero Thanks cool!


I think everyone who is interested in crypto should be mining. People always think of the opportunity people had mining bitcoin at the beginning. In twenty years we could be looking at this whole time frame as highly lucrative...

ok, thank you! so my first step? download the thing for Monero?? Thanks a billion!

I'd probably just go with Minergate to start unless you have a GPU? I'd go with Bytecoin on Minergate it would be a lot quicker to hit the withdrawal threshold so would be less of a commitment for a trial if that makes sense? But yeah just download one of the miners (links on posts)...

Cool thanks 🙏 Don’t even know what a GPU is 😄

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