W00T! Found My First Block Mining VTC (Vertcoin)! OMG 2x Finds!

in mining •  9 months ago

Just a short and sweet post letting everyone know that my small little 7 card mining farm finally hit a VTC (Vertcoin) block while using pool.verters.com! Since then I've switched over to nicehash.com secret Lyra2Rev2 farm for better daily payouts and undervolted my farm a solid 25%. Taking my total daily power consumption less than 1KW/H for the operation!

Which, is a hell of alot better than the ~1.75KW/H the farm was sucking before hand, Given that crypto prices are falling a little bit the want to get more efficiency per energy used is a must. And seemingly it's less wear and tear on the GPUs to have them hashing at a slowwed and underclocked pace rather than balls to the walls type thing!

Trying to get everything 100% tuned in and stable as a side project while I go out and hunt for a new main witness server... It seems that my old servers aren't keeping up to the intense resource requirements anymore needed to run a STEEM instance..!

WOOT! Found another block on Nicehash.com!


for Witness!

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carry stay here for further

Hip hip hooray!

This is a standing 'O':


Or maybe it's a ninja.

Which Gpu's are you using in your mining rig. I use my gaming pc with AMD rx470 to mine. It earns me about 0.004 BTC in a month. I use Nicehash. The payout was good until the price of bitcoin started falling.


Mixture of Sapphire RX 580 Pulse/Nitro+ 4gb/8gb cards

Boss @kyle. Its no longer your small little card mining farm. Lol
I'll call it the big fat exploring card mining farm. Hahaha. I'm happy for you Boss.
Vote @kyle for witness is our anthem.


<3 Wait till I get another 13 cards online hashing.. Then I'll consider myself a small farm rather than a hobby farm.

Congratulations! Still seems like a lot of power to be using though... electricity here (Australia) is extremely expensive. Not sure it'd pay for itself these days


0.081CAD$ per a KH/w is what I pay it seems.

Good blog ..
I am really appreciate to see this post ...
Carry on. best of luck dear 😊

Congrats on finding the block!!! Perhaps you should consider building a hamster powered generator for more power!

Thanks for sharing this post I like it best of luck

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I always wanted to start a mining Farm but I could never get the cards to produce milk.

I like vertcoin. I think it's going places.


Made me laugh out loud
. Thanks

Very good picture and your story

congrats man. I cant seem to get anything from these damn miners...any chance you can verify my account on steem global for me please? cheers bud