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Today I will introduce you how to mine a PoW coin with CryptoNight algorithm. This will be a mining guide and writing series. The purpose of this series will be to find new PoW coins that can be mined with CPU (home computers). Lets start with out first PoW coin today.

Conceal Network (CCX)

Conceal describes itself as decentralized banking. Briefly, it is a banking service that uses CryptoNote protocol, provides end-to-end banking services and can access and use from any geographic location that any person in the world wants.

Conceal is an open source coin. They describe themselves as a ”community project”.

By the community decision, the premine was 6%. They were not funded by any capital group and did not do an ICO. They have an annual interest rate of 4%. If you want to benefit from this interest, just lock your coins into your wallet.

You can buy it from Stex exchange now. (https://www.stex.com/)

Mining Guide

The reason why I choose Conceal for mining is, now its total network hashrate is not too much so you can get a solid amount of share.


from this link, download a CCX wallet and open a new account. You will need it for mining.

Before starting the mining process, I suggest creating a new folder and exclude it from Windows Defender so that it does not check this folder. Because Windows Defender may categorize it as viruses.

Just write “how to exclude a file from windows defender” to YouTube, you can find lots of videos about it.

First of all, go


to download XMR-Stak. It is a mining program.

When it finished, open the .zip file and copy it to the folder that you exclude from Windows Defender. Click the xmr-stak.exe to run the mining program.

Now, there will be some questions.

First answer is 0.

Then you will see a new question. The answer is masari. Press enter. (Conceal Network is a fork of Masari, thats why the answer is Masari).

Then write conceal.modpool.org:4445 and press enter.

Then write your wallet adress. Be careful about the adress. Do not write a wrong adress.

Then it will ask a password. It is nothing important, actually it is not a password, just write x,y,z whatever you want.

It will ask for “Ring Identifier”, just skip it, press enter.

From this point write n to all questions and press enter.

Here we go, now you are mining CCX. Press H to see your hashrate.

This is a setup process, from this point, you dont have to repeat it.

To see your statistics, go conceal.modpool.org and click Worker Statistics.

Enter your wallet adress.

Happy mining

Feel free to ask anything...





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