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Welcome to my second guide about CPU mining. In the first one (https://steemit.com/mining/@denizcanguler/cpu-mining-home-computer-guide-conceal-network), I introduced you how to mine Conceal Network (CCX) from your own computer.

Today I will write about Caliber and will talk about Caliber CPU mining.

Caliber (CAL)

Caliber is a private and untraceable coin. "From the launch, Caliber uses ring signatures, RingCT and stealth addresses to obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destinations of all transactions. "

"Caliber implements Bulletproofs which are are a major improvement over traditional proof method for CryptoNote coins. In addition to an increased block time, this culminates in a significantly smaller Blockchain size helps to promote more full nodes running on the network."

Caliber is a new coin, currently there is no exchange that you can buy. The only way to get Caliber is mining.

Mining Guide

As I said before Caliber is a new coin and I personnaly see a big potential for Caliber so mining it in an early phase could be a good decision for the long run. I suggest you to mine it and HODL.


from this link, you can download a Caliber wallet. Open a new wallet, do not forget to save your seeds and passwords in a safe place.

Before starting the mining process, I suggest creating a new folder and exclude it from Windows Defender so that it does not check this folder. Because Windows Defender may categorize it as viruses.

Just write “how to exclude a file from windows defender” to YouTube, you can find lots of videos about it.

First of all, go

to download XMR-Stak. It is a mining program.


When it finished, open the .zip file and copy it to the folder that you exclude from Windows Defender. Click the xmr-stak.exe to run the mining program.

Now, there will be some questions.

First answer is 0.


Then you will see a new question. The answer is cryptonight_v8.

Then write caliber.modpool.org:3335 and press enter.

Then write your wallet adress. Be careful about the adress. Do not write a wrong adress.

Then it will ask a password. It is nothing important, actually it is not a password, just write x,y,z whatever you want.

It will ask for “Ring Identifier”, just skip it, press enter.

From this point write n to all questions and press enter.

Here we go, now you are mining Caliber. Press H to see your hashrate.

This is a setup process, from this point, you dont have to repeat it.

To see your statistics, go http://caliber.modpool.org/ and click Worker Statistics.

Happy mining

Feel free to ask anything...






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