Bought another Sapphire 7950 for my DDR2 budget mining rig

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Hello dear Steemians

Lately i was looking to buy annother graphique card to put it on my budget rig, i did a lot of research and couldn't find a good one that suites my budget becasuse of sudden price rise that happened lately with the graphic cards (even with old cards) and availability too!

After a while i found a Sapphire 7950 with somehow a good price (125$) and i know this card will be good to me because i already have one, it's a good and durable. if you haven't read my old article about this card feel free to take a look at it
A 150$ DDR2 budget mining rig

Here's my new Sapphire 7950

What i really like about this one is it's so clean, not much used looks almost like a brand new graphic card!

I put them both the 7950's on the x16 PCI-E lanes and here's how they look on the mobo

Now it's time for the benchmarks
It seems that i already put the benchmarks of this card on my old article and it performs the same! if you want to see the results check my old article for it, im going to do both the 7970's test and results here.

  • Equihash
    7970s equihash.jpg

    Im mining Hush (Zdash) using Claymore's ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.5

  • CryptoNight
    7970s cryptonight.jpg

    Im mining Monero using Claymore CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.7 Beta

  • Ethhash
    Due to the increase in DAG size these cards can't mine Ethereum anymore!

    7970s eth.jpg

However since there's some other Ethhash coins these cards can mine them with a decent hashrate and here's an example mining Musicoin

7970s mc.jpg

Im mining Musicoin using Claymore Dual Miner v9.6 on solo mode

Here's what i get from mining the whole day using both cards via
7970s wtt.jpg
7970s wtt1.jpg

These cards are still good at mining compared to the new graphic cards out there (RX Series - Nvidia 10xx series) although they consume more power but they give decent hashrate, the good thing about this cards is the fact you get the ROI (return of investment) faster than the new cards do the price rise! if you want to start mining and you found these cards for a good price and you have a low electricity cost price these are good ones.

Thanks for reading, i hope you like my article, if you do Resteemit
Have a good day.


are you still buying graphics cards? tell me if you someone who has.

I like Zen because I believe in it long term. So i dont mind lossing a few cents to Electricity, if holding in the long run is going to make me much more!

To be honest if BTC issues gets fixed i expect everything will rise, but maybe you're right ZEN will rise more than HUSH and ZEC on the long run we will see!

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I saw your post in the #postpromotion channel on the WhaleShares discord. Thank you for being with us! I have even seen your budget tight mining rig and I think that is just amazing. Thank you bbkoopsta! :)

I have only GTX 1060 and I only mine Zcash; 267 sols/s, I think mining ZEC is better than ZEN :)

agreed, but in terms of getting the most coins to profit when the price eventually goes up, i think Zen will be better bet for me in the long run. Just my opinion tho,

My 7950 hashes the same as the 1060 in Equihash, but on holding profitability i think ZEN will do better but what about mining both of them?

Nice little mining setup you got.

Thanks a lot, maybe i'll change the mobo and make it bigger soon!

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