On my road to minimalism | Making money by decluttering !

in minimalism •  5 months ago

I am so proud of my man !
He has sold severals items we had at home and that we didn't use at all.
It has been years that we have this stuff and it was collecting dust...
he had the brillant idea of putting theses items to sell on Internet.
Personaly, I prefer to give because selling online it's a quiet long process.
But he is patient... And thanks to him we could exchange theses items for some money.




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Very good.

I‘ve now come to a point where it’s really getting hard.


Good luck ! Same for me :D @janikmoody

Oh yeah! Selling them is what I would do too. Did you make enough for it to be worth it?


Hello @getonthetrain,
I don't dare to tell you how much we have sold our old Iphone...... something like 10 euros / each (and they are functionning) / 25 euros for a totally new crash helmet (my mother offered it to me like 4 years ago but I wanted to choose mine myself -_-) and 15 euros for the nikon....
It's really not a lot. But I have to admit that it's much more than I expected since I was ready to give them to charity :D

Ah super _ , tu nous donneras des conseils de minimalisme ?? ^^ ça m'intéresse beaucoup


Hello @wassildahi !
Tu viens de me motiver à partager mes articles sur le minimalisme :)
Je viens d'en publier un ;)

I am also thinking on the same way these days. Lots of items I have bought, I never used again. That stuff is just like the waste of money for me. I have started selling it. Worth it.

HAHA, my friends it to much just like mine story, Now I have lots of gadgets that I barely use. I think I should sell them.

Yes, sometimes we really hold so many stuff which we never use and most of the time we neglect it. But in in my opinion when we don't use an particular stuff it's good to sell because that would be effective idea.

And in my opinion these are reflecting as some cool stuff and i hope that you have some memories associated with those stuff. No matter which product but every product in our life holds one or other story.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you @chireerocks for your wonderful comment 😍


Welcome. 🙂

Lovely idea. It's time to clean up my closets haha 😀😀