Is the news worth it?

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Hey man! What is up? How is everybody doing on this very fantastic hump day? I am doing this post to get a bit of a second opinion on things. So please, please, pretty please comment below and let me know what you think

A little bit back I put out an episode of my podcast talking about me not caring about the news or politics and it anything of that nature. This is one of those things that I swing back and forth and back and forth and back and forth on. It may be irritating to you, but trust me, it's just as irritating to me.

I put this post up to get another opinion from my audience. I am curious as to what you think. Do you spend a lot of time watching and paying attention to the news and keeping up with the different levels of politics? Is this all over your head? Do you care?

And that episode I explained that I just don't care anymore, but is that really true? I pay attention a little bit on my personal Facebook page, but yesterday I had finally broke my silence and jumped in there and mixed it up on an issue or two.

Does it really matter? Is it really worth all of the time and effort to keep up with the new cycles and politics? Is it really worth all of the stress? The anxiety? The fighting? The ridicule? The anger?

And then I sit there and I think about my kids. If I sit here and do nothing, is there somebody out there that is involved in the politics and the news and the government that I can trust to look out for my children's best interest? Unfortunately, I fear the answer is no.

If they are out there, I have not heard of their names. I do not know what state they represent. Whether they are a governor, a senator, a congressperson, or a local representative. If you know their names, share them below. Share with us where they are from and what they are doing to represent our views.

I would not mind seeing this thing move and something of the direction like the free state project. These guys moved to New Hampshire and are attempting a long-term strategy. Not to sound too scary, but they are attempting to take over the state. These people of like mine and similar values are coming together to make a very big change.

They are laser focusing their intentions, their ideas, their values, there Energies, and their efforts together to make a place that is more comfortable and more ideal to the way that they want to live. To me that sounds a lot like some of the ideas that I put forth in Haven.

This really gives me a lot of Hope for the future. By that, I mean it feels bike Haven might be something that is actually possible. To be able to build or improve upon a society to the point where this world that we live in now is not necessarily the main influence on our society.

Our society being the society that we build up. The one that we come together and share in in our ideas and our similar minds. To come together and such a large number that we eventually take over a small state.

After having Takin Over this state, we live as a positive example. Now I do not think that it is absolutely necessary that we follow my idea and model according to Haven. This idea can be adapted to anybody's idea. Just look at California. They are about the bluest of the blue Democratic states that you could possibly think of. Yes, there are still Republicans that live in that state.

I would like 4 this free state project model to work that way, but in a little bit of an opposite way. I am leading a lot closer to an idea resembling libertarianism or Anarchy.

I have really put out some effort into this post. I do not want my end of it to get to Lindsay. I still have quite a bit of stuff that I'd like to share on this topic. For now, though, I am going to stop here and let the conversation begin. If after reading this you feel like you have a friend or two or many that would enjoy being a part of this conversation, please share with them. Make sure that you also comment below and let me know what you think

And until then, I'll talk to you later man!



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