In the beginning there was preparedness.

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Hey man! What's up? If you are a listener to my podcast then you may know some of the stuff already. I am going back through and recapping my beginning up to where I am currently. I do have about three or four podcast that cover this already if that's more your bag, then go to the podcast and check those out. Otherwise, enjoy!

I'd imagine that the best place 2 start an origin story is that the beginning. Perhaps started at my birth is a bit too far. I'll just fast forward a bit. I used to tell people then I was a prepper with minimalist tendencies. I was a prepper first. I did not know that's what it was called but I was one off and on for quite a while until I learn what the word meant.

The movie, The Dawn of the Dead, could be considered the very first snowflake in the Avalanche to come. That movie Scared the absolute crap out of me and my friends. After the movie, we went home and begin to draw up many many plans on how we were going to deal was such a situation if it were to actually occur

Unfortunately, at that time in our lives, partying was much more important then being prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Though, those plans and ideas stuck in my head throughout the years.

Many long years past after that day. Many days I feel now that have been squandered. I had fun though! It was a while between that day and the day that I finally discovered the survival podcast. That is the day when I realized what I had been doing was being done by other people.

In between those two days a lot of stuff had happened I got clean and sober, I found the love of my life, we got married, and we had kids. We lived in a somewhat small house for a Time. In that house, there was a pretty big pantry. Up to this point, we had not really had a pantry to take into consideration. We had always gone out to the store and purchased maybe 2 or 3 days worth of meals.

This Pantry was a big jumping point for me. We didn't really have much internet at this point, but it was around. I did not really fully understand how powerful of a tool the internet was for another little while yet. All I knew was that this little pantry was allowing me and my family to purchase over a week's worth of food and stock up.

It was not in my mind to do this for an SHTF situation. My only concern was my own laziness. This gave me the opportunity to spend less time traveling to the store and grocery shopping. Now I could just go home after work and prepare dinner. That was good enough for me so far.

Through whatever Stroke of Luck it may have been, I got my first smartphone and discovered the wonderful world of podcasting. This is where I found the survival podcast. This is when I learned what the word prepper means.

In the beginning, I went crazy! I was fighting all of the stuff out for the first time over many hours a day and over a few weeks. I was a stay-at-home dad at the time and put my earbuds in and my podcast on. I would listen for many hours a day until I was mostly caught up with all of his podcast content.

By the time I got caught up with the survival Podcast, I branched out into others. I became very very concerned and got what I later found out was called analysis paralysis. Basically I had overdone it with the podcast, got freaked out, and was too scared to be able to do anything about it. A condition that I could almost say that I suffered from up to just very recently

I haphazardly got involved with way too many aspects of preparedness at one time. I began stocking up on food, water, camping supplies, Bush crafting supplies, homesteading supplies, chickens, rabbits, gardening, Etc. I was out of control for way too long.

Not only was each one of those things distracting me from the others, I began to stockpile a lot of stuff that I was probably never going to touch again. It began to take up so much space in my home that I had to occupy one whole room just that stuff. I actually looked into taking over another room to put that stuff in. Not to mention a lot of stuff out in the garage and sprinkled throughout the house.

This feels like a good place to stop with my prepper origin story. Don't worry, it's not over. Just a couple of other layers to add on to to give a more clear view of where I come from.

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And until then, I'll talk to you later man!


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