STEEM CRAFT NFTs are active now, a view about what they are going to be

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Hello everyone,

today, I want to announce that I have created a new NFT called CRAFT on Steem Engine.

These new CRAFT NFTs will be a new way for you to have collectibles that are going to be issued to participants of contests. Try to collect as many as you want and show your proud collection of badges and trophies to others directly in Minecraft in the future or on the Steem Engine Site.

Besides badges for your participation on contests, STEEM.CRAFT will give you specific goals that you can accomplish in the future within the game. Some might be easy, but there will be hard to solve challenges that also make sure that your hard earned achievements are worth something. You can then later sell your achievements and badges if you want. But some of them might be limited to a very limited amount of the same type.

Once we have together tested the new NFTs out and successfully implemented the new badges fully into the game, new stuff is going to get added. You will be able to purchase and resell NFTs to the players of your server or others and give them the ability to trade and also use the bought NFTs on other servers that also run STEEM.CRAFT. NFTs can do pretty much everything we want them to do in the game. Since there are rules on what is allowed and what is not, there are going to be only decorative NFTs that do not give any game play advantage but are a great way to show that you got a fancy taste with special hats, particles, emotes, special effects, visual gadgets and pets.

I'm also trying out to get NFT based furnitures in the distant future, this will allow you to create armor stand based furnitures in a special furniture generator in Minecraft and then sell these to players all around the world, which then can use your furnitures in the game. I have already made some testing, but I didn't look into how NFTs can be traded or exchanged. This could be great for people who like to design fancy stuff and earn something in return for it. As you may have seen, you can pretty much create anything you like using armor stands in Minecraft.

For now, there are four properties on the CRAFT NFT:

  • badge (Boolean)
  • item (Boolean)
  • type (String)
  • id (Number)

I messed up and set the id to a write and read value which isn't really good for making it special as it can change. For now, it is not necessary but it seems that I have to add a property for a read only id later on. For the badges, the type will be enough which is going to describe for what you get the badge. The reason for a separate badge and item Boolean is to easily distinguish and sort them later in a menu. There could come more which then makes it easy to add more Boolean values if necessary.

Anyway, thank you for reading my little post. If you want, you can follow me for upcoming contests or join the Discord server for more stuff on the Minecraft server and the STEEM.CRAFT project, there are going to be contests where you can earn those new NFT based badges.

Have a great week,



Sweet, NFT's as badges/achievements is a neat implementation!

There are many things that could be done. But I thought that starting with badges and achievements is a good option to start things off. Thank you for your feedback. :)



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Awesome job! Early adopter with a neat idea, looking forward to what you have in store!

Been a while, too long, since I've built in MineCraft. Need to pick that up again in my free time :^)

Thank you for your feedback. 👍😎



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Hows the work done on the steemcraft projects?

Hey there, @guruvaj! =) NFTs aren't implemented yet into the steem craft project. At the moment, I'm trying to remove the SteemJ dependency and replace it with either a own solution or some sort of NodeJS embedded solution to use steem-js to have always up to date versions to work with without having to worry about old API calls.


  • [Done] World saving and loading to and from blockchain
  • [Done] World loading in play mode
  • [Done] Parkour game (creation, checkpoints, end blocks, toplists on blockchain)
  • [Done] Banning solution that allows to keep track of bans, kicks and warns of every player on the own and other tracked servers that are connected to Steem
  • [WIP|Testing] Instant account creation tool just from Minecraft server directly
  • [WIP] Have a well updated and secure library or something self-made to be future-proof for all kinds of transaction broadcasts, it would be pretty bad if the project stops from working after a new HF after it already has been released to some Minecraft servers.
  • [WIP] Create a Website that allows players to buy a subscription for steem craft premium and later also NFTs (might be moved to a point where it makes sense later on). The Website is going to have a full Steem experience like Steemit that implements some steem craft features that can help to navigate through existing parkour maps, for example.
  • [] Documentation of how to create new addons, how data is saved on Steem and how to access it
  • [] Tutorial on how to set up everything
  • [] Implement a way to view CRAFT NFTs ingame
  • [] Implement special decoration stuff that is NFT based
  • [] NFT based furniture creation tool for Minecraft with ability to sell own creations (Don't know, if that is going to be a thing or not. But it is possible.) Selling furniture is EULA compliant as long as they don't change the gameplay. It will work with armor stands to allow pretty detailed furniture.

I might have forgotten some things. If this didn't answer your question, feel free to contact me on Discord: Abwasserrohr#0954

Quite clear.

Coole Sache!

ist eine gute idee :))

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I see you sent Steem to chestbot for NFT’s.
You need to do a cal, to chestbot for each one. To see what is gives you then I can issue the NFT’s.
1 call per reply.
Like this

You slowly open the chest and discover Dwarven Axe

You slowly open the chest and discover Bracers

You slowly open the chest and discover liquid Courage

You slowly open the chest and discover Enchanted Chain Mail

You slowly open the chest and discover Bracers

You slowly open the chest and discover Dwarven Boots

Ok 👍

Thank you. =)


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We are very curious what you will do with nft :)

Thank you for your feedback and support. 👍


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